Opening Details Revealed for NEW Figment Character Meet & Greet in EPCOT

Figment EPCOT

Attention Figment fans, Disney just shared a major update on everyone’s favorite purple dragon (and no, it’s not a popcorn bucket!)

Figment has been a beloved Disney Parks character since he debuted alongside Dreamfinder in the original Journey Into Imagination attraction. The ride opened in the Imagination pavilion in 1983, one year after EPCOT opened, inviting Guests to explore the world of imagination with a loveable purple dragon.

Journey Into Imagination underwent several updates resulting in the version of the attraction we have today. While many fans believe the current version of the ride to be a shell of its former self, Disney has been slowly adding in more Figment experiences in recent years. Figment has always been heavily featured on the artwork used to promote EPCOT’s annual festivals, but this year’s EPCOT International Festival of the Arts included more of the character than ever before. The event even incorporated a few elements of Figment’s first attraction. The new additions have even prompted some to believe that Disney could bring back the original Journey Into Imagination ride.

FIgment Rainbow Tunnel

Credit: Disney

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The most exciting Figment news, however, came at last year’s D23 Expo when Disney shared that the iconic character will receive his very own meet and greet experience. We had not heard any updates on the new meet and greet experience for several months since the September 2022 expo.

That changed this morning when Disney noted in its press release for upcoming events this year at the Resort, that Figment will begin greeting Guests this summer! The release notes:

Fans of Figment will get the chance to hug the long-time EPCOT icon at the Imagination! pavilion beginning late summer. 

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Credit: Disney

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Figment had been featured as a meet and greet character in EPCOT several years ago (as was Dreamfinder, though given his removal from the attraction save for a few Easter eggs, we sadly do not expect him to return) but many Guests in the Parks today have not had the chance to meet him. In fact, some of Figment’s biggest fans today are too young to have met him the last time he greeted Guests in the Park (apologies if we just aged you…)

With Disney noting that the meet and greet will take place at the Imagination! pavilion, it is possible that the character will take over the greeting area in the Imageworks section of the main building, between the exit of the ride and the gift shop.

figment holiday sweater

Credit: Celebrations Press

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The update on Figment’s new character meet and greet in EPCOT joins Disney’s other revelations about new character experiences coming to other Parks this year, including Mirabel at the Magic Kingdom and Moana in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney has also since pointed out that EPCOT will be the center of Disney100 celebrations at the Walt Disney World Resort, so along with the Park’s upcoming new fireworks show, it is possible that we will learn of more Figment news in the future.

As always, we at Disney Tips will continue to share updates on all things Figment and new character experiences at Disney World as new information becomes available.

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