The Dining Hideaway at Disney That No One Talks About

pecos bill additional seating ramp
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Ok, we’re going to let you in on one of our Disney secrets. While we’re all about dishing out some Disney Tips, this one should be kept top secret amongst us! Here’s our favorite dining hideaway that no one seems to talk about.

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We’ve shared a few of our favorite Magic Kingdom Park tips and secrets, such as the Monorail trick, the best way to skip the Transportation Ticket Center, and our favorite place that we simply can’t help but wave at fellow Disney fans.

We’ve also shared dining tips outside of Magic Kingdom, such as Disney’s underground lounge (Enzo’s Hideaway), which is one of the best-kept quiet dining and lounge locations on Disney property. Or maybe you need to cancel that dining reservation but aren’t sure how without being charged? We’ve got those tips covered!

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While Magic Kingdom is usually bustling with endless crowds, we are going to share our favorite dining hideaway that most Guests seem to miss. Head on over to Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland, where you can snag some delicious quick-service food at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, located near Splash Mountain and Tortuga Tavern.

Pecos Bill

Pecos Bill is themed after an Old West saloon and features yummy bites such as a chicken fajita platter, pork carnitas, yellow rice bowl, tortilla crisps, and southwest salad. You can also enjoy basic American food such as the bacon cheeseburger. Just be sure to save room for the mini churros with chocolate dipping sauce.

Pecos Bill Seating (Credit: Disney)

Pecos Bill Cafe is usually extremely busy and requires Mobile Ordering to enter, but there’s a portion of the restaurant that often goes without notice. You may know about Columbia Harbour House‘s upstairs, but did you know Pecos Bill restaurant has one too?

Credit: Disney Tips

Instead of stairs, there is a ramp located inside Pecos Bill. While the average Disney Park Guest will find a spot downstairs and call it good, look for the ramp with the “Additional Seating” sign or simply ask a Cast Member to point you in the right direction.

Credit: Disney Tips

There are a few tables located in the landing hall at the top of the ramp or go straight into the little room that has several circular tables ready to greet Guests. PLUS – there is also a door upstairs that leads Guests outside to sit on a balcony with a few chairs to watch the crowds walk by down below.

Credit: Disney Tips

It’s extremely enjoyable to get away from the crowds and relax with a great meal in the middle of a busy Walt Disney World Resort day. We will say that there have been times when it seems like the secret gets out or possibly Cast Members direct Guest traffic upstairs, but in general, this unique dining hideaway can be found nearly empty most days. Enjoy!

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