Planning a Resort Day at Disney’s Fort Wilderness During Phased Reopening

Disney's Fort Wilderness (Credit: Disney)

In order to get the most out of your Disney World vacation, we highly recommend scheduling a resort day into your plans. Not only does doing this allow you to really explore and enjoy all your Disney Resort has to offer, it also gives you an opportunity to unwind after some busy park ways and recharge before you hit the parks once again. On top of all that, scheduling a resort day can save you some money by giving you the chance to extend your trip without adding a day to your park tickets! Obviously, giving yourself a day to hang around your resort and relax is a good thing. However, there are some resorts that cater better to this than others. This is particularly true right now when so many amenities and activities have been put on hold.


Our absolute favorite resort for fun resort days is Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. This is true anytime really, but is even more so right now, as there is so much to see and do while still keeping a good distance from others. Here are the very best things to do during your Fort Wilderness resort day right now. Just keep in mind that you will need a mask to do all of these things (except swimming)!

1. Rent a Canoe

While motorized boat rentals are not an option right now, canoe rentals are alive and well. Enjoy this classic camping activity with your family and see the Seven Seas Lagoon from a different point of view.

2. Ride a Bike

Bikes are another fantastic Fort Wilderness rental option. These can be picked up from the bike barn, and each bike includes a helmet rental. There are even bikes with child seats available for those who are traveling with a toddler or preschooler.

3. Hit the Trails

One of our absolute favorite things to do at Fort Wilderness is go for a pony or horse ride. Carriage and wagon rides are also an option. No matter which you choose, it’s great fun to explore the trails and other parts of the resort with an equine friend.

Credit: Disney


4. Head to the Playground

There are two large playgrounds open at Fort Wilderness right now. Both are operating at limited capacity, but rarely fill up. These playgrounds are the perfect option for young children who need to burn off some energy.

5. Dive into the Pool

The pool is also a good option for burning off some energy. The slides at the Meadow Swimming Pool make the experience especially exciting for kids and teens. Of course, you could also opt to sit in the hot tub or simply relax in the cool water of the swimming pool. No matter what you decide to do there, hangin out at the pool is a great way to pass some time during your resort day. That said, it is important that you are aware that the pool is operating at limited capacity and hours may be limited, so plan accordingly.

6. Grab Some Grub

Unfortunately, the Fort Wilderness table-service dining options are not available at the moment. That said, P&J’s Southern Takeout is open and accepting orders. There are even some tables available for those who wish to eat their food at the restaurant. This is great news because it means you won’t have to cook or leave the resort to eat during your day of relaxation.

7. Take a Boat Ride

Want to check out the Seven Seas Lagoon without the work of a canoe? Why not hop on a boat and take a ride across? Sure, the boat will take you to the entrance of Magic Kingdom, but there are no rules saying you have to go into the park. Just stay on board and take the boat back to the resort, making sure to enjoy the relaxing ride.

8. Watch a Movie Under the Stars

While the campfire sing-along is not happening right now, the “Movies Under the Stars” are still an entertainment option, and we highly recommend them. These are happening every other night starting at 8 PM. See an onsite Cast Member for a schedule so you can choose the movies you like best.

9. Have a Campfire

Chip and Dale might have canceled their campfire sing-along for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fire of your own. As long as you have a firepit that is approved for use in Fort Wilderness, you will be allowed to have a campfire at your site. Get out the marshmallows and hot dogs, pull out your guitar and singing voice, and get ready for some traditional camping fun!

10. Admire Holiday Decor

Finally, if you happen to be visiting the Fort around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or Independence Day, you’ll likely notice there are a large number of sites with holiday decorations. This is especially true during the winter holidays when Fort Wilderness regulars really go all-out. Be sure to take the time to drive a golf cart, ride a bike, or take a stroll around the campground and admire these fabulous decorations.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to see and do in Fort Wilderness, and one could easily spend a whole day (or even two) exploring and experiencing this resort. Why not book your Fort Wilderness vacation now so you can do all of these things as soon as possible?

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