Pros and Cons of Disney’s Hollywood Studios Quick Service

Dining is an important part of any Walt Disney World vacation.  We are diving into the pros and cons of some of Disney’s Hollywood Studios top quick-service locations.  We hope this will help you better prepare for your next visit and prevent anyone from being hangry.

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Woody’s Lunch Box

Woody’s Lunch Box is located back in Toy Story Land and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options for guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  

Pros:  Woody’s offers some delicious comfort food such as grilled cheese, tots (potato barrels) and fun Lunch Box Tarts (think fancy and delicious pop tarts).  We appreciate that this location offers mobile ordering making it easy to pre order prior to meal time.

Cons:  Woody’s Lunch Box gets extremely busy during prime dining times.  This means that those mobile ordering windows go quickly, so plan ahead.  Another downside of Woody’s is that the seating is all outside.  Although it is super cute and well themed, it doesn’t offer any protection from the elements.  If you want to enjoy a meal from Woody’s Lunch Box, make sure to order early on.

Ronto Roasters

You can find Ronto Roasters in Galaxy’s Edge where you can enjoy both breakfast and lunch, but keep in mind that currently it is only open until 3pm.

Pro:  The ronto wraps are some of the best food you will find in Hollywood Studios.  The morning wrap includes an egg, pork sausage, cheese and a delicious peppercorn sauce in a pita bread.  This is a great way to get protein in the morning.  The lunch ronto wrap removes the egg and adds roasted pork as well as a tangy slaw.  Both are outstanding so get your mobile order in early.

Con:  Once again because it is popular, those mobile order windows fill up quickly.  Also, with closing at 3 pm it can really limit when you are able to enjoy these wraps.  Check as sometimes you can get the wraps at Docking Bay 7 after 3 pm.  There is also a very limited menu here.  If the whole family isn’t wanting a wrap, it might be hard to find something for them to enjoy.

ABC Commissary

We surprise ourselves having ABC Commissary on the list, but it has really made some big strides since reopening.  Located on Commissary Lane, ABC Commissary offers lunch and dinner options.

Pro:  Air conditioning!!  This is a huge bonus for eating here.  Both Woody’s Lunch Box and Ronto Roasters are outside giving no break from the heat and humidity.  That isn’t the case here as guests can enjoy a break with air conditioning and ample space.  The other pro with ABC Commissary is the unique menu.  You can find a variety of options such as shrimp tacos and a highly recommended buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich.  Check-out the menu on the app to see all your options.  Since it isn’t as busy, the mobile ordering windows seem to stick around longer which is nice if you forget to order early on in the day from Woody’s Lunch Box or Ronto Roasters.

Con:  This might not be the place for picky eaters.  If you are looking for basics like chicken nuggets and hamburgers, you won’t find it here.  We have seen the food improve greatly here since reopening, but know that in the past ABC Commissary hasn’t been a top recommendation, but we are hopeful it will remain on the list moving forward.

Backlot Express

Located back in Echo Lake, Backlot Express is a large dining location in Disney’s Hollywood Studios offering lunch and dinner.

Pro:  There are tons of seating options throughout this location making it easy to find a table to enjoy your meal.  Being a larger area, mobile order doesn’t fill-up as fast giving a great option for those hangry moments.  If you are looking for more basic food options, Backlot Express is your place to go.  Here you can find cheeseburgers, nuggets, as well as a few salads.  This can be a decent option when you have little ones that need comfortable food choices.

Con:  Even though there are a lot of seats here, not all seats are located inside.  Even though most are covered from the sun, it can be warm if you end up in these seats.  Sometimes during busy times, the food can suffer as they try to get it out quickly.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Another option while visiting Galaxy’s Edge, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo offers lunch and supper options for those visiting Batuu.

Pro:  It is nice that Docking Bay 7 is opened later providing an option in the evenings in Batuu.  The food options are unique, giving guests a different option than burgers and nuggets.  For supper, you can find the beloved ronto wrap!

Con:  The food options here are different which might be difficult for those with picky eaters.  The sizing of the entrees can be lacking as well so keep that in mind when ordering.

These are some of the top choices when it comes to quick-service dining in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  There are a few other options that offer quick options, but we feel these are your best options.  We hope the pros and cons of each will help you determine which location will be the best for your travel party when you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios next.


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