Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 on Disney+
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Disney+ Announces Release Date for ‘Star Wars: Visions Volume 2’

Massive news for Star Wars fans was announced today; Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 is coming to Disney+ this Spring.

Star Wars Visions Volume 2


Star Wars: Visions wowed fans back in 2021 when the first volume was released. The animated anthology series, produced by Lucasfilm, gave a new and diverse perspective to the Star Wars universe. The episodes of the first volume of Star Wars: Visions were directed by seven Japanese animation studios. These studios were Kamikaze Douga, Studio Colorido, Geno Studio, Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Production I.G, and Science SARU. They all used their background in anime to show the Star Wars universe through a new lens.

The show has been praised for its incredible creativity. Fans were thrilled to hear that a second volume was coming in early 2023.

Star Wars: Visions on Disney+

Credit: Disney+

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“May the 4th Be with You”

May 4 is celebrated as Star Wars Day every year, and fans will have extra reason to be excited this year. Star Wars Visions: Volume 2 will be streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting May 4, 2023.

The new volume will feature nine new animated shorts from creators all over the world. The studios involved with volume two include El Guiri (Spain), Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), Punkrobot (Chile), Aardman (United Kingdom), Studio Mir (South Korea), Studio La Cachette (France), 88 Pictures (India), D’art Shtajio (Japan), and Triggerfish (South Africa). This new season will continue to bring new cultural perspectives to the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Visions Volume 2

Credit: Disney+

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James Waugh, who is an executive producer for Star Wars: Visions Volume 2, explains that “With Volume 2, we expanded our canvas to take audiences on a global tour of some of the most talented creators from around the world. We’re so proud to be able to reveal the line-up of studios we’ve assembled. Every short is incredible, full of heart, scope, imagination, and the values that make stories distinctly Star Wars — all while opening up bold new ways of seeing what a Star Wars story can be.”

We can’t wait to watch Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 premieres May 4, 2023, only on Disney+.

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