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Review of Universal Orlando Resort’s New “VelociCoaster”

I’m an Annual Passholder at Universal Orlando Resort, and I was able to grab a Passholder Preview reservation for the new VelociCoaster that will open at Islands of Adventure on June 10th. The new ride is located in the Jurassic World section of the park. I rode with my good friend Jonathan Holt of Theme Park Center. We arrived at our scheduled time. The team members scanned the QR code, then checked our Annual Passes, and we were able to get in the impressive queue. A tip, make sure you take any photos of the outside entrance before you get in line, because the exit is in a different spot, and you will not be allowed back at the entrance.


Our wait time for VelociCoaster was about half an hour, and the majority of the wait was indoors, so the air conditioning was a plus. There is a large area outdoors that looks like it will be the queue once the ride officially opens. Much of that is in the sun. We were able to have cell phones and cameras with us for a good part of the queue line. About halfway through you are required to put any loose articles in lockers. After the lockers you will go through a metal detector, so don’t think of hiding anything in your pockets. There is a video that lets you know that any items that fall out of pockets will be gone forever, you will not get them back. The lockers are double sided so you will not be in the same location when you retrieve your items. Lockers are free for the amount of time that you are on the ride. There are Team Members on hand in case you have a problem with the lockers.

The Universal Team Members are currently keeping the line moving, so we were not able to see the full preshow video. I’m not sure if that will change when VelociCoaster is open to the public. When we got to the loading dock we did ask for the front row, so we waited a little bit longer, but it was worth it.


The seats on VelociCoaster are two across, and unlike many thrill roller coasters there is only a lap restraint. Thankfully, there are still things to hold onto, and you do feel very secure. The restraint system is one thing that makes VelociCoaster unique, since it does not have typical shoulder restraints. Just make sure to sit up straight and keep your head back so you don’t get whipped around too much. This is one of the smoothest coasters that I’ve ever been on. You will go 70 miles an hour in 2.4 seconds and fly to 155 feet in the air with an 80° angle. It truly gives you a weightless sensation. 

I don’t want to give too much away about the VelociCoaster story but fits right in with the Jurassic Park theme. If you are a fan of the movies you’ll love this and will feel like you have been thrown into the adventure. Jonathan is a huge fan of the movies, and I hate to say it but I’ve never seen them, yet we both enjoyed this roller coaster. Everyone in your group will have something great to take away from this new attraction. If you are a fan of the movies and the other Jurassic World attractions there are a few little Easter eggs to keep an eye out for. Once again, I don’t want to give those away. 

VelociCoaster is definitely not a family ride. There is a 51 inch height requirement, there are inversions, and the ride is intense. I’d say VelociCoaster is more intense than Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, and less intense than The Incredible Hulk Coaster. I have several friends who have ridden VelociCoaster and not one of them has said a bad thing about this ride. Some have even said that it is life-changing. After every ride you could see the joy on people’s faces, and both guests and Team Members clapped when each ride would start and finish. If you’re a thrill ride fan, start counting down to June 10. VelociCoaster is one of the best thrill rides in Florida.

Before checking out more photos below, check out Jonathan Holt of Theme Park Center video about the ride experience below:

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