Security Breach at Disney: ‘Do Not Enter’ Notice and Violent Damage Reported

Disneyland Park
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Things got a little messy at Disneyland Paris, with what seems to be a reported break-in at the European theme park.

A bustling day at disneyland with visitors enjoying the view of the iconic fairy tale castle.

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Disneyland Paris Resort is made up of two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be Disney Adventure World), and while the Eisner-created park did have some challenges when it debuted to the people of France, it is now becoming more and more popular each year, with profits and attendance rising overall.

Even with the magic of Disney, however, things do go wrong. 

Disneyland Paris reporters have detailed that a shattered glass door at Disneyland Paris Resort was discovered at the entrance of the LEGO store at Disney Village.

Days since last broken glass door incident at the Resort: 0️⃣

As DLP Report hinted, broken glass doors are becoming more and more common at Disneyland Paris, turning this minor issue into a more serious one due to its repetitive nature.

The comments on the post highlight that this is an issue all guests are noticing, “This has to be a money laundring scheme at this point.” Another guest referenced that the $2+ billion expansion budget that Disneyland Paris has will end up going to these broken doors if Disney does not act on a solution soon, “We really need to make a petition to replace all glass doors with automatic doors, soon 50% of the 2 billion will go just to doors”.

closed gates of Disneyland Paris

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It has not been stated what, or who broke the door, or what the intention was at that time. However, it appears that no injuries or theft have been reported at this time.

As we can see in other photos shared by DLP Report, the LEGO Store and Disney Fashion is currently having their roofing remodeled. A lot of areas of Disney Village are currently undergoing changes at the moment as well, such as Planet Hollywood, which is being demolished entirely.

? At Disney Village, the roof structure above the LEGO Store and Disney Fashion is being remodeled:

This shattered glass incident was not the only issue that DLP Report found at Disneyland Paris over the weekend.

Below, we can see that there was a section of the Main Street Station underpass that was entirely blocked off from guests. The problem seemed to have to do with the roof cracking above, making it dangerous for guests to pass directly under.

Soon, Disneyland Paris will have a major shake up at Studio 1 inside of Walt Disney Studio Park will shut down for a full year. Studio 1 looks like an active sound stage that guests must enter in order to enter the theme park, and it has tons of shopping and dining options on top of a very fun-themed location that sets guests into the world of movies right away.

As we noted at the top of this article, Walt Disney Studios Park will be moving away from that cinematic feel as it changes its name to Disney Adventure World, removing the mentality that you are on a set but switching gears to guests falling into different adventures and storylines that they have seen in the movies.

Crowds outside the theater at Walt Disney Studios Park

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When Studio 1 closes, the thin, narrow pathway to the left of the building will be the only access in and out of the park, which will likely create high crowds during busy periods of the day like park opening and closing. Disney has even alerted guests to leave the park entirely if they want to find an economical meal, as Disney will remove a lot of the quick service options from the park with the shuttering of the location.

As you venture into the park, you will find more construction, with the World of Frozen being constructed alongside the new Tangled spinner attraction. This comes on the heels of Disneyland Paris completing The Disneyland Hotel after years of work.

What upgrades would you like to see done to Disneyland Paris?

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