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The Most Important Reason Why Shoes Are Required in Disney Parks

Guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are expected to adhere to sets of rules in Disney’s Parks and Resorts.

While some of these rules are in place to maintain a family-friendly environment, others are in place to maintain the safety of both Guests and Cast Members (like the real reason behind the uptick in Disney’s dress code incidents.)

When we think of “rules,” things like smoking in designated areas and avoiding backstage areas might be the first to come to mind, but there is one rule that, though seemingly obvious, is very important to follow at the theme parks: Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times. 

Guests in Disney's Hollywood Studios

During training, Disney Cast Members are given information on the property rules for whichever location they will be working at. Across all Disney Parks and Resorts, Guests are required to wear shoes (with the only acceptions being select pool areas and locations at the water parks.)

Reminding Guests to wear shoes is not something that takes up too much time for Cast Members, but it does happen, and it is an important part of keeping Guests safe. Of Disney’s Five Keys to a Great Guest Experience, Safety is #1, meaning it comes before Courtesy, Inclusion, Show, and Efficiency.


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Of course, many Guests are extra conscious of avoiding unnecessary germs and sanitizing while visiting a theme park, but there is more than the fact that the ground is dirty at play when it comes to removing shoes in a theme park.

Recently a TikTok by @bellamchristo showing Guests walking in the rain without shoes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios went viral, with many of the comments mentioning the simple ‘gross’ factor of walking through a theme park barefoot. (It might seem odd, but Guests tend to take off their shoes when it rains, especially if they are wearing sandals that become slippery.)


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One of the most popular Disney Parks traditions is pin trading, and unless Guests purchase special locking pinbacks, it is possible for pins to fall off lanyards and end up on the ground. Of course, most Guests are keeping a watchful eye on their pins and the chances of you stepping on one during your visit to a Disney Park are low, but why risk injury by removing your shoes?

While we agree, going barefoot in a theme park is not the cleanest thing one can do, we want to remind our readers that your best bet for visiting a Disney Park (with your shoes on) is to find comfortable walking shoes that can withstand water ahead of your trip so they can stay safely on your feet until you are back at your resort.

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