6 Things Annual Passholders Can Take Advantage Of At Walt Disney World

Are you one of those people who can never get enough of Walt Disney World? Maybe you’re local, so going to Walt Disney World isn’t a vacation, but just a quick drive and something to do for a couple hours. Or maybe you’re not local, but you try to take a Walt Disney World vacation as often as you can. For anyone that is in either boat, it makes sense to buy an Annual Pass to Walt Disney World. There are many benefits that come with buying an Annual Pass, and here are six reasons that might convince you to get one.


6) Passholder Gifts

There will be times that you can pick up free gifts that only Passholders can get. There will also sometimes be specific merchandise that is very limited edition that only Passholders can buy. You can show the world that you are a Walt Disney World Passholder and make your friends jealous. Very often there are limited supplies, so make sure to get there early so you don’t miss out.

5) Discounts on Hotels

Here’s a perk for those who are not local and are traveling to Walt Disney World for a vacation. Did you know that if you have an Annual Pass to Walt Disney World you can save money on the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels? Well you can, make sure when you book your vacation that you let them know that you are an Annual Passholder. If you’re a Florida resident but live a few hours away, you will save even more with Annual Passes that are for Florida residents.

4) Discounts on Some Restaurants

When you find a restaurant that gives a discount for Passholders it is a great surprise. Who doesn’t like saving money? Most of the restaurants in the parks do not offer discounts but it never hurts to ask, just in case. However, many (but not all) of the full service restaurants at Disney Springs and at the Walt Disney World Resorts do. Just ask your server and they will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have.

3) Discounts on Merchandise

When you’re at Walt Disney World you will see gift shops literally everywhere; at the exits of rides, at the resorts, and around every corner. You will want to bring some of the Disney magic home with you, but buying lots of souvenirs can get pricey. Well, as a Passholder you will get discounts on merchandise in many locations, which will save you a lot. Now you can buy that extra t-shirt or that stuffed Mickey Mouse.


2) Memory Maker

When you get to the parks and you see a perfect picture spot, there is a good chance that there will be a PhotoPass photographer not too far away. As an Annual Passholder, Memory Maker is now included. Not only does it include all group photos and character photos, but you will receive all of your ride photos as well. You’ll forever have a photo of how brave you were, but how terrified your friends were on Tower of Terror.

1) Free Theme Park Parking

Now ignore this part if you’re staying on Disney property or will be using other transportation to get to the parks. For everyone else, free parking at theme parks is something that you will be very thankful that you have. If you’re on vacation, the parking fee will add up very quickly if you’re paying it every single day. If you’re local, you don’t want to have to pay for parking if you’re only spending a short time at the parks. That’s lots of money that you could be saving. Some of the lower cost Florida Resident Passes do not include free parking, though, so make sure you find one that does before making your purchase.

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