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Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World Refurbishment Dates

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, it is always important to keep updated on all the latest information. Hopefully, Splash Mountain was not a must do for you if you plan to be at Magic Kingdom from January 10th through February 10th. This attraction will be closed on those dates for maintenance.

This is what it says on Walt Disney World official website.  “From January 10, 2022 through February 10, 2022, Splash Mountain will be closed for routine maintenance.”


It is normal that Walt Disney World will close down Splash Mountain during the cooler months in Central Florida since it is a water ride and you will get wet. What better time than winter to make refurbishments. Although it is still warmer than most of the country, it still can get cold during that time in Florida.

January 10th is also the same date Splash Mountain will be closed for refurbishment at Disneyland in California. There is no end date yet for that one, though. Some questioned if that would be the Princess and the Frog refurbishment, but it has not been confirmed. It will most likely just be simple fixes and checking to make sure everything is running properly.


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Splash Mountain is a good ride for those trying to ease their way into thrill rides. There is a five story drop, but most of the ride is a simple boat ride with animatronics all around. It is smart to bring a poncho or a rain jacket if you don’t want to be walking around the Park soaking wet.

Although this ride will be temporarily closed, don’t let that stop you from enjoying your vacation. There are still so many amazing rides, and attractions all around, you will have a magical time.

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