Disney Hints That Something New Is Finally Replacing Stitch’s Great Escape

Stitch's Great Escape

Stitch’s Great Escape, a former Tomorrowland attraction, is perhaps the most infamous attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort. Despite the attraction remaining closed for years, however, Disney has not announced an official replacement, but we might be getting one later this spring.

Located across from Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Stitch’s Great Escape replaced ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in 2004 after concerns that the former attraction was too frightening for most Guests. Stitch’s Great Escape used the same restraint system for its show, but instead of a horrifying alien interacting with Guests, Stitch terrorized them in an entirely different way (the chili dog burp effect was unpleasant, indeed.)

Stitch's Great Escape

Credit: ITM

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Stitch’s Great Escape switched to a seasonal operating status (as many Disney attractions do before they close permanently) before it was shuttered for good in 2018. In the years since, Disney has only opened the space for special events, where Stitch’s Great Escape has effectively only been used for character meet-and-greet locations and treat stops in the case of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Tomorrowland is currently in the midst of a major update as Park’s newest attraction is set to open next month with the launch of TRON Lightcycle / Run. The new attraction is bringing with it a post-show experience by its sponsor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, TRON-inspired eats at the new Energy Bytes snack kiosk, and of course, a selection of new merchandise inspired by the attraction as well the original film and its sequel.

Disney recently shared a first look at some of the new merchandise that will soon be available to Guests after they ride TRON Lightcycle / Run, with several unique items in the collection like a backpack that holds an Identity Disc that works as a speaker, helmets, apparel, toys, and more. In addition to the specific items, the latest update from Disney also snuck in some news about a new experience that seems to be coming to the former location of Stitch’s Great Escape.

TRON Lightcycle / Run Merchandise

Credit: Disney

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In the latest update, Disney noted:

When TRON Lightcycle / Run opens on April 4, guests will find these products and more in a specially designed pop-up shop area directly across from the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor entrance in Tomorrowland.

Stitch’s Great Escape was located in the building right across from Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, so unless the new TRON pop-up shop takes the form of an outdoor merchandise cart, it seems like it will be located in the space formerly occupied by the attraction.

If you have a reservation to experience a preview of TRON Lightcycle / Run, the new shop (and the interactive experience coming to the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co., between TRON and Space Mountain) will still be closed until the ride officially opens on April 4, 2023. When it does open, however, it will surely be interesting to see what work has been done on the interior of the Stitch’s Great Escape show building.

Learn everything you need to know before you ride TRON Lightcycle / Run in this post, and don’t miss your chance to check out the shop and head inside one of the Magic Kingdom’s long-closed attractions this April!

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