The 10 Biggest Walt Disney World Park Controversies

Hundreds of thousands of people vacation in Walt Disney World each year making it one of the most popular destinations to travel to. While most guests would agree that a Disney vacation is completely magical and a great time, they tend to disagree on a lot of other things. Not to say that guests don’t get along, but rather that the magic of Disney is unique in that each guest has a favorite experience, place, food, or Disney Resort. With so many amazing and different things to enjoy in the theme parks, water parks, Disney Resorts, and Disney Springs, there are plenty of favorites for guests to choose from. While some experiences are loved by all, each guest has their own preference and might argue with another over which experience is the best. These controversies are minor, but can lead to huge discussions between guests who are arguing for their favorites! Here are the ten biggest Disney Park controversies that guests might not agree on.

10. Which Park Is The Best? 

One of the biggest debates that Walt Disney World fans can get into is which of the four theme parks is the best. The Magic Kingdom is full of lands of fantasy with attractions that are both classic and thrilling. Epcot is home to a celebration of both technology and world culture that allows guests to learn while being entertained. Disney’s Hollywood Studios opens up new dimensions from the Star Wars universe, to the Twilight Zone, and even allow guests to step into a world full of toys. Finally, Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrates the environment and strives to teach guests about the importance of conservation through entertaining, thrilling, and educational attractions and shows. Plus, it now has the oh so popular, Pandora – The World of Avatar. While each park is amazing in its own way, all guests have a favorite and they could spend hours debating the topic!

9. Which Is The Best Mountain?

Walt Disney World is home to it very own unique mountain range filled with attractions that are thrilling and immersive. The Magic Kingdom features Splash Mountain in Frontierland which brings guests along on an adventure with Br’er Rabbit that culminates in a soaking trip into the Briar Patch below. Nest door is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which brings guests on the wildest ride in the wilderness through an abandoned mine town. New Fantasyland is home to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which brings guests into the mines where the dwarfs work and even gives them a glimpse of the Evil Queen. The final mountain in the Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain in Tomorrowland which blasts guests into space for an adventure that is out of this world. The final mountain in Walt Disney World is Expedition Everest in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The attraction brings guests deep into the heart of the Forbidden Mountain for a face to face encounter with the fabled Yeti. While each of these attraction is tons of fun, there are sure to be some heated debates when guests try to decide which one is the best.

8. Turkey Legs v. Dole Whips

Guests who visit Walt Disney World love enjoying the wonderful snacks offered there, and two options in particular have their very own followings. Turkey Legs can be found in several locations throughout the parks and are a juicy, savory, and sure to keep guests powering though long hours. Other guests might argue that the best snack on property is the Dole Whip which combines cooling ice cream with delicious pineapple flavors to cool down guests and keep them refreshed. While both snacks are delicious, guests are sure to argue over which one reigns supreme!

7. Haunted Mansion Or Pirates Of The Caribbean?

Two of the most beloved attractions in Walt Disney World can be found in the Magic Kingdom and each have large fan followings. The Haunted Mansion invites guests into Gracey Manor where nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts cause eerie happening and special effects. Guests can enjoy meeting classic characters like Madame Leota, the disembodied Ghost Host, and Constance the bride and be followed home by hitchhiking ghosts. Nearby in Adventureland, guests who enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean can set sail with swashbuckling pirates who are ransacking a burning seaside village. Guests can sing along to the classic song “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” and even spot Captain Jack Sparrow. Both the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are classic attractions and guests would definitely argue over which one is the better of the two.

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6. Which Disney Resort Is The Best?

Guests who stay at Walt Disney World can choose from over twenty different Disney Resorts each with their own themes, amenities, pools, recreation, location, dining, and shopping. With so many options to choose from, many guests have a favorite “home resort” which they find themselves returning to time and time again. Guests might never agree on which Disney Resort is the best, but they will definitely agree that they are all amazing!

5. Walt Disney World Or Disneyland?

One of the biggest controversies that guests can argue about is whether Disneyland or Walt Disney World is better. Featuring different theme parks, Disney Resorts, attractions, dining, shopping, and entertainment and situated on two different coasts, guests could spend days arguing over whether Disneyland or Walt Disney World is the better vacation destination.

4. Are Certain Attractions Overrated?

While every attraction in Walt Disney World is amazing in its own right, there are some that guests might argue are overrated. These attractions might be ones that are so popular that they often have wait times that are hours long, or they could simply be new attractions which are always busy. An attraction that one guest considers overrated might be the favorite of another guest, making it hard to them to agree on whether any Disney attractions are actually overrated.

3. Are Certain Attractions Underrated?

Just like overrated attractions, guests might disagree over attractions that might be considered underrated. These attractions tend to be less popular, never crowded, and have low wait times but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t amazing experiences. One guest might consider an attraction completely underrated whereas another might not particularly care for it.

2. Which Is The Best Disney Restaurant?

Guests who visit Walt Disney World love spending lots of time exploring and enjoying the countless Disney restaurants. Disney fans can dine on everything from cuisine around the world to American favorites in environments ranging from snack carts to fine dining experiences. Guests could spend a long time arguing over which Disney restaurant is the best but can agree that each location is delicious!

1. Which Nighttime Show Is The Best?

Walt Disney World is home to some amazing nighttime shows which all amaze guests. The Magic Kingdom features Happily Ever After which lights up the skies over Cinderella Castle with beautiful fireworks set to Disney music along with a castle projection show. Epcot closes each night with a performance of Epcot Forever on World Showcase Lagoon. The show combines pyrotechnics, fireworks, laser lights, dancing water, and a beautiful score to completely mesmerize guests. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks at Hollywood Studios plus Fantasmic! in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater are fantastic. Rivers of Light and Tree of Life Awakenings at Animal Kingdom are amazing but never include fireworks out of respect for the animals. While each show is incredible in its own way, guests could definitely spend a long time disagreeing over which one is best!

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Caitlin Kane first started visiting Walt Disney World when she was two years old, and despite spending most of that trip quarantined with the chicken pox she managed to fall in love with the place. Visiting WDW every year since, she especially loves learning all about the history and small details of the parks and eating/drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival each fall. When she's not in Disney, Caitlin lives in New York and spends her time counting down the days to her next trip.