The Epcot Quick Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

One of the most popular destinations for guests who are looking to enjoy amazing dining in Walt Disney World is Epcot thanks to its unique layout and different areas. Between Future World and World Showcase, there are countless restaurants where guests can dine on cuisine and flavors from around the world in different settings. While there are many full service restaurants in Epcot, there are just as many quick service dining locations where guests can grab delicious options in a quick and easy way. These quick service restaurants all feature unique menus and have their own themes that are brought to life through details and locations. With plenty of amazing options to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to dine while spending time in Epcot. Here are the amazing quick service dining options in Walt Disney World’s Epcot!


1. Electric Umbrella

Future World is home to a beautiful courtyard that features views of Spaceship Earth and the beautiful Fountain of Nations in addition to a popular quick service eatery. Electric Umbrella is open daily for lunch and dinner and serves up delicious and healthy options that guests are sure to love. Menu options include the Mojo Pulled Pork Burger, Energy Salad with Roasted Chicken, Vegetable Quinoa Salad, 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger, and a Brisket Sandwich.

2. Sunshine Seasons

The Land Pavilion is a popular location in Epcot thanks to Soarin’ Around the World, Living with the Land, and a busy quick service restaurant. Sunshine Seasons is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and serves up flavors and cuisine inspire by the land itself. Featuring several different stations where guests can order, some menu choices at Sunshine Seasons include the Breakfast Power Wrap, Cinnamon French Toast Bread Pudding, Mongolian Beef, Oak-Grilled Rotisserie Chicken, Slow-Roasted Pork Loin, Rotisserie Turkey Breast Club Sandwich, Power Salad with Chicken, and Barbecue Pork Sandwich.

3. La Cantina de San Angel

Once in World Showcase, guests have virtually endless dining options to choose from including a great quick service location on the shores of World Showcase Lagoon in the Mexico Pavilion. La Cantina de San Angel is an open air restaurant that serves up classic flavors of Mexico with beautiful views. Some menu items that guests love to indulge in include Pollo Cascabel, Guacamole with Totopos, Tacos de Pescado, Taco Trio, Empanadas con Queso, and Ensalada Mexicana with Beef Barbacoa.


4. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

The Norway Pavilion is home to the very popular Frozen Ever After attraction in addition to an amazing bakery that serves up traditional Norwegian treats and flavors. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is open daily in Epcot’s World Showcase and serves up popular snack options such as School Bread, Lefse, Berry Cream Puff, Viking Chocolate Mousse, and Rice Cream in addition to savory items such as the Ham and Apple Sandwich, Norwegian Chef Salad, Salmon and Egg Bagel, and Norwegian Club.

5. Lotus Blossom Café

The next pavilion in World Showcase is the China Pavilion which is home to an attraction, shopping, full service restaurant, and wonderful quick service restaurant. Lotus Blossom Café is an open air dining location that serves up traditional Chinese flavors and items for guests to enjoy for lunch and dinner. The unique menu features popular options such as Pork & Vegetable Egg Rolls, Pot Stickers, Sweet-and-Sour Chicken, Beef Noodle, Shrimp Fried Rice, Sichuan Spicy Chicken, Orange Chicken, and Sesame Chicken Salad.

6. Sommerfest

One of the most popular pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase is the Germany Pavilion thanks to its open air courtyard, beautiful details, popular eateries, and charming shops. In addition to the full service Biergarten Restaurant, guests can visit the quick service Sommerfest location which offers up traditional German options in a fast and informal setting. Some popular menu options at the location include Frankfurter, Jumbo Pretzel, Bratwurst, Nudel Gratin, Cold Potato Salad, and Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce.

7. Liberty Inn

Note: Liberty Inn is scheduled to close on July 8, 2019 to make way for a new quick-service barbecue restaurant. Click here for more details. 

The American Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is not only the host country, but home to the amazing American Adventure attraction as well as a popular quick service eatery. Liberty Inn is sponsored by Coca-Cola and serves up traditional American flavors and favorites in a colonial setting. Open daily for lunch and dinner, guests who dine at the Liberty Inn can enjoy options such as Fried Shrimp Basket, Macaroni & Cheese All-Beef Foot Long Hot Dog, All-American Burger, Cobb Salad with Chicken, Chicken Breast Nuggets, and Barbecue Pork Sandwich.


8. Katsura Grill

The Japan Pavilion in World Showcase is one of the most immersive thanks to its unique combination of architecture, gardens, shopping locations, and multiple restaurants. While there are several full service restaurants, the pavilion is also home to the quick service Katsura Grill which serves up Japanese classics such as California Roll, Shrimp Tempura Udon, Spicy Seafood Miso Ramen, Shrimp and Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Cutlet Curry, Tonkotsu Ramen, and Miso Soup.

9. Tangierine Café

The next pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is the Morocco Pavilion where guests can enjoy quiet streets filled with amazing details, small shops, and several dining options. Tangierine Café is a quick service eatery near the front of the pavilion which is open each day for lunch and dinner and features popular Mediterranean flavors. Some menu items offered at the location include the Shawarma Lamb Platter, Vegetable Platter, Saffron Rotisserie Chicken, Moroccan Kefta Platter, and Shawarma Chicken and Lamb Platter.

10. Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

One of the most popular locations to explore in Epcot’s World Showcase is the France Pavilion thanks to the charming cobbles streets, Eiffel Tower in the distance, and unique shopping and dining locations. Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie is styled like a traditional French bakery with amazing and delicate pastries as well as more substantial and savory options. Some of the most popular items on the menu at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie include the Nicoise, Poulet au Pistou, Brie aux Pommes, Bisque de Homard, Quiche Lorraine, Croque Monsieur, Crème-Brulee, Éclair, Napoleon, Framboise, Pain au Chocolat, and Croissant.

11. Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The UK Pavilion is also very popular in Epcot’s World Showcase thanks to its lively Rose & Crown Pub, quaint shopping locations, gardens, and more. Near the front of the UK Pavilion is the popular quick service eatery Yorkshire County Fish Shop. This classic shop sells traditional flavors of Britain including Fish and Chips, Victoria Sponge Cake, and seasonal fruit. These amazing options pair perfectly with a cold pint on any day in Epcot!

12. Refreshment Port

The Canada Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is home to the circle vision film O Canada!, popular full service eatery Le Cellier Steakhouse, gardens, shopping, and more in addition to a nearby quick service location with some signature items. The Refreshment Port is situated midway between the entrance to World Showcase and the Canada Pavilion and serves up very popular options such as Traditional Poutine, Signature Poutine, Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, and unique and refreshing cocktails.

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Caitlin Kane first started visiting Walt Disney World when she was two years old, and despite spending most of that trip quarantined with the chicken pox she managed to fall in love with the place. Visiting WDW every year since, she especially loves learning all about the history and small details of the parks and eating/drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival each fall. When she's not in Disney, Caitlin lives in New York and spends her time counting down the days to her next trip.