Missing Kids Alert: Trio Disappears During Theme Park Outing

Four people are seated on an amusement park ride, suspended upside-down. They appear to be experiencing a range of emotions from excitement to fear. The bright, clear blue sky serves as the background.
Credit: Thorpe Park Resort

An urgent notice has been issued after three young children – two of which are siblings – went missing during a visit to a popular theme park.

Theme parks are designed to be immersive experiences for the entire family. Whether you’re at Disneyland or your local amusement park, the idea is that there’s something fun for everyone.

A striking image of a roller coaster set against a dramatic sunset sky in a bustling theme park. The intricate loops and steep drops of the coaster are highlighted by the warm colors of the setting sun and a background of scattered clouds, creating a thrilling and picturesque scene.

Credit: Thorpe Park

However, sometimes, it’s impossible to keep real-world problems at bay.

This week, three children – named by The Standard only as Khandi (14), Amelia (9), and Malik (7) – were marked missing hours after visiting a popular theme park.

The trio spent Monday (June 17) visiting Thorpe Park, the third most visited theme park in the UK after Alton Towers and Legoland Windsor. They were last spotted at approximately 3.17 p.m., walking away from the park towards the neighboring town of Staines, which has led police to believe that they may have caught the train to travel into London.

Aerial view of Thorpe Park in the UK, where a popular attraction is shutting down permanently

Credit: Thorpe Park

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Surrey Police have since issued descriptions of the three children.

Khandi is described as female, Black, 160cm tall, of a slim build, and was wearing black or grey jogging bottoms, a white top, white trainers, black framed glasses, and multiple bracelets on each wrist.

Amelia is described as female, European, 110cm tall, of a slim build and wearing grey jogging bottoms, a grey long-sleeved top with “Believe” written on it and white trainers.

Malik is described as male, European, 110cm tall, of a slim build and wearing black jogging bottoms, black trainers, and a green long-sleeved top with stripes.

Amelia and Malik are reportedly siblings. Surrey Police have urged anybody with relevant information about the children or their whereabouts to contact police with the reference number PR/45240068376.

Guests aboard a roller coaster going over a top hat inside Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom

Credit: Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park hasn’t had the easiest ride in recent weeks. While its new ride, Hyperia – which, as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Europe, should have been its crowning achievement – opened to the public on May 24, it subsequently closed “due to unforeseen circumstances” for over two weeks on May 25. The park added that this was due to “standard technical pre-opening procedure checks” but failed to elaborate further on Hyperia’s status.

While the attraction reopened on June 12, it closed for a second time on Saturday (June 15) after guests got stuck on the roller coaster’s lift hill and were left stranded for an hour.

A vibrant roller coaster under a bright blue sky with scattered clouds. This theme park attraction features multiple loops and steep tracks, set against a backdrop of green landscape with some trees visible in the background.

Credit: Thorpe Park

Children go missing at theme parks every day, but typically for a short space of time until they are reunited with their parents. Last year, a deepfake video of Joe Rogen went viral for falsely claiming that there are tunnels under Disneyland Resort that are specifically designed for kidnapping children.

As per Thorpe Park’s website, children under the age of 12 cannot visit the theme park without an accompanying adult over the age of 18.

Would you let your children visit a theme park unsupervised?

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