Things That Existed in Disney Part 2

Walt Disney
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Disney is known for its innovation. Disneyland opened in 1955, being a theme Park that was unlike any other. Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers were able to create something that no one could ever imagine. Since the opening of Disneyland, plenty of things have changed and many have become Park staples, staying exactly how Walt left them.

Here are five things that used to exist in Disneyland, that no longer do today.


Credit: D23

Disneyland State Fair Parade

Disneyland was the first of its kind, with the detail and creativity it brought to a theme Park. Although more upscale, they still brought in state fair events due to sponsorships. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of John Deere, they sponsored a parade in Disneyland featuring livestock and dancing broccoli. It ran from 1987 to 1988. In addition, they also had “Pigmania” which was live pig racing at Big Thunder Ranch.

Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Races

In 1957 there was an annual event, known as the Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Race, which was sponsored by Quaker Oats. Quaker Oats also had a restaurant in the Park, which is now River Belle Terrace. The race consisted of women running in aprons while holding a griddle in hand with a half-cooked pancake. The idea was to run halfway, flip it over a ribbon, and head to the finish line. The winner would be the first woman with an intact pancake at the finish line and receive their prize of a $100 check.


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Bathroom of the Future

Walt Disney had a vision and he was not going to allow anything to stand in the way of it coming true. There were many last-minute additions to the Park, to help with funding. One sponsorship was by Crane Plumbing, which became a last-minute addition to opening day. This attraction was one that fell short and was considered dry but nonetheless brought something new and innovative to Disneyland. The exhibit had brochures highlighting new products visitors could order for their own homes. It opened in 1956 and was dedicated by Walt Disney and the Crane plumbing president Frank F Elliot.


In 1957 alcohol was not sold in Disneyland nor was it permitted. So their idea of Holidayland brought that concept to life. Imagine having a beer while your kids are playing. Or taking a step away from the rest of the Park to sit, relax, and enjoy a cold one? Holidayland lived where Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion show buildings are today. It had a separate entrance with free admission to Disneyland after 4 p.m. It was capable of holding up to 7,000 Guests with the idea of having picnics, playing softball or just enjoying the sunny weather before heading into Disneyland. Holidayland closed in 1961. There were notes that there were no bathrooms or shade, which may have contributed to the closure.

Feral Cats

In 1955, Walt Disney discovered a batch of feral cats in the Sleeping Beauty Castle, which he had employees adopt nearly instant. Since then, the feral cats although initially not welcomed, work as great pest control in Disneyland. Today, you can find feeding stations near Hungry Bear Restaurant.


Credit: D23

With so many changes over the years, it’s shocking how many things once existed and now are just a part of Disney history. Which one do you find most eye-opening?

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