This Brand New Palette Is a Must-Have for ‘Star Wars’ Fans

The holidays are coming up, and if you don’t want to wait until the last minute to find gifts for everyone on your list, then now’s the time to start shopping.

Does someone on your list have an interest in both makeup and the Star Wars movies? If so, these palettes are sure to make a fantastic gift.

darth vader palette

Source: Colourpop

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Although Colourpop released a Star Wars Collection months ago, on May 4, fans felt like something was missing.

There was a palette inspired by Darth Vader, simply named ‘Darth Vader.’ It’s full of cool greys, dark brown and maroon, and shimmery glitter, making it perfect for fans of the rogue, brooding Sith Lord. It currently costs $16.

star wars eyeshadow palette

Credit: Colourpop

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Colourpop’s Star Wars Collection also included the ‘Star Warspalette, which is inspired by the original trilogy. This eye shadow palette is full of color, ranging from bright silvery tones to vibrant blues and reds and darker colors to balance everything out.

c3po palette

Credit: Colourpop

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The newest addition to this collection is an eye shadow palette inspired by everybody’s favorite etiquette and protocol droid, C-3PO.

The ‘C-3POpalette was just released, and it’s full of warm, rich gold tones. Yellow and brown tones make up the matte shadows, while an entire range of golden colors makes up the glittery shadows.

c3po palette

Credit: Colourpop

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Whether loyal to the force or easily swayed by the dark side, the Star Wars fan in your life will love one of these eye shadow palettes. Celebrate life day with a palette inspired by Darth Vader, the original trilogy, or C-3PO.

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