Throwing a Birthday Party for Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Here Are the Best Shorts to Play!

Whether you’re a huge Disney fan or just wanted an excuse to throw a party, Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s shared birthday is the perfect occasion for doing so!

Celebrate the cutest couple’s 94th birthday by making Minnie and Mickey Mouse-themed snacks, dressing up as Disney characters, and by putting on some of their best moments for everyone to watch.

Although Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been around for nearly one hundred years now, some of their first moments have been left behind as film moves forward. A fun birthday party for Walt Disney’s iconic characters will be made even better by putting on some of the classic short films that have since been forgotten.

on ice title

Credit: Disney+, IMDb

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On Ice (1935) is a great short film to play during your Mickey and Minnie birthday party as the weather begins to chill outside. This 8-minute short follows classic Disney characters as they enjoy a day out on the ice!

Delayed date title on disney+

Credit: Disney+, IMDb

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Show some of Mickey Mouse’s more relatable side by playing Delayed Date (1947). This 7-minute short follows Mickey as he rushes to get ready for his date with Minnie after she angrily calls to ask where he is.

steamboat willie title disney+

Credit: Disney+, IMDb

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Steamboat Willie (1928) isn’t just a classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse short, it’s the original! Celebrate their birthday by playing their first-ever appearances in this classic short.

mickey's birthday party title

Credit: Disney+, IMDb

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Lastly, the best classic short to play at your Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party is none other than Mickey’s Birthday Party (1942). This 8-minute short entails Mickey’s surprise party, full of dancing, music, and cake.

These short films are a great way to make your Mickey and Minnie party stand out from the rest! Each of these Disney shorts can be found on Disney+, Disney’s streaming service.

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