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Tips For Feeling Comfortable During These Crazy Times in Disney

Rules and regulations are constantly changing at Disney.  From masks expectations to physical distancing, the Disney company has been doing everything possible to help keep guests safe and healthy during their visits, but what can you do to help yourself feel just that much more comfortable?  We have some tips for how you can feel more comfortable during these crazy and changing times at Disney.

Bring Masks

No matter what Disney’s expectations are when it comes to masks when you leave for your vacation, make sure you pack multiple masks for everyone.  Knowing you have enough masks that everyone is comfortable with will help you feel prepared and safe even if Disney adjusts their expectations. 

Hand sanitizer

Guests will find hand sanitizer throughout the resort property, but we highly recommend bringing your own as well.  Having hand sanitizer easily accessible to you will put your mind at ease as you can quickly apply it as needed following an attraction, before eating or when getting off transportation.  


Another thing we suggest bringing with you to help you feel more comfortable is clorox wipes.  These are great to have to wipe down tables, hotel rooms or other surfaces to once again help put your mind at ease.  Disney is doing an outstanding job at cleaning surfaces constantly, but doing it yourself can help you feel slightly better.  We also liked having wipes on hand normally for those spills and other situations that might get a little messy.

Those are tips we have when it comes to packing that can help you feel a little more at ease on your trip, but what actions can you take while visiting that will help you feel more comfortable?

Renting a Car

We love Disney transportation and how easy it is to use; however, during these times you might feel more comfortable having your own vehicle.  Although Disney had limited capacity on their transportation, it seems to be back to normal.  This means that you might be packed into the bus at the end of the night or share a gondola with another group on the skyliner.  If this makes you a little uncomfortable, then think about renting your own vehicle during this trip down.

Spend More Time at the Resort

If you are typically someone who likes to be in the parks all day but still a little uncomfortable in large groups, consider spending more time at your resort during this trip.  The parks are starting to see those larger mid-day crowds once again so this is a great time to head back to your resort and take some down time.  If larger crowds make you uncomfortable, don’t force yourself to remain in the parks during those busy times.  Visit other resorts, the pool or take a nap so you don’t feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Think About Food

Disney offers guests two types of dining experiences.  Quick service meals are those that you can order on the app and pick up from a counter location.  Table service meals are full service experiences where you are waiting on and are ordering from a menu.  When you think of your comfort level, you need to consider where you will feel the safest when it comes to dining.  Do you prefer to eat outside?  Do you want to eat on the go or would you prefer to have a scheduled time?  Having a plan ahead of time will prevent you from entering a situation that might make you feel uncomfortable.  

Be Okay With Adjusting

No matter how much you plan for your trip, something will probably come up while visiting that will require you to adjust your plans and that is okay.  It is okay to adjust plans if you aren’t feeling comfortable with the crowds or aren’t wanting to have a sit-down meal.  Allow yourself the ability to adjust and pivot to make sure everyone is okay with what the plan is.

Avoid Crowds

This might seem impossible to you as you look at Disney’s recent crowd levels, but we assure you it is.  The same rules apply from before the pandemic when it comes to avoiding crowds- get up early..  If you want to be head of the crowds, get to the parks early.  People like to sleep in on vacation, but if you can get the family up and out early it will put you ahead of the crowd.  This means fewer people in the queues, in lines for food and just in the park overall.  The other part of this tip revolves around dining.  To avoid crowds during meal times, try to eat at off times.  This means eating early or later than normal.  Having a plan to be ahead of the crowd is a great way to help you feel comfortable.

Fireworks for Afar

Our final tip comes for how to enjoy the evening shows.  If you are uncomfortable with large crowds finding a spot away from Main Street USA and the hub to watch fireworks is key,  Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland all offer unique views of the fireworks if you are wanting to be in the park.  You won’t see the projections but it will keep you out of the crowds.  Head to one of the monorail resorts if you are wanting to be even further away from the crowds.  Again you won’t see the projections but you can see the fireworks and the pipe in the music.

Disney is constantly changing and it can be unnerving not knowing what to expect when you arrive.  If you take into consideration these tips, you will set yourself up for feeling comfortable during the crazy times.

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