Top 10 Gift Shops at Walt Disney World

Each and every Walt Disney World vacation is sure to be amazing and filled with memories. One of the best ways for guests to keep those memories alive and remember each vacation is by purchasing the perfect souvenirs to bring home. Walt Disney World is home to countless shopping locations that range from massive stores to small carts. Each location sells souvenirs that could include clothing, accessories, art, toys, housewares, and more. While there are plenty of locations to purchase souvenirs in Walt Disney World, some gift shops and locations are better than others thanks to a plethora of items for purchase or special items that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are the top ten gift shops to browse in Walt Disney World to find the perfect souvenirs!


1. World of Disney

Disney Springs is a wonderful area to spend time in while in Walt Disney World as it is home to many restaurants, entertainment, and tons of shopping. The most popular store in Disney Springs is the World of Disney, which is actually the largest Disney Store in the world. The location just finished a lengthy refurbishment and the new interior now features many different areas dedicated to specific items. Guests who are looking to find the perfect souvenir to bring home with them can definitely find it at the World of Disney!

2. Emporium

The Magic Kingdom features many different gift shops, but most guests love to do their shopping on Main Street, particularly in the Emporium. Themed to feel like a turn of the century retail location, the Emporium is actually comprised of many different stores that connect. Each store, or room, features different types of merchandise including clothing, toys, housewares, and more. Those looking to purchase a souvenir in the Magic Kingdom have the most selection to choose from in the Emporium.

3. Mouse Gear

Epcot’s Future World is also home to a large shopping location that combines the industrial feel of the area with plenty of merchandise to browse. Mouse Gear is located across from the Fountain of Nations on the Future World East side and features many different divided areas that offer merchandise including men’s clothing, jewelry, high end bags, toys, and more. Guests who peruse the far end of the store can even check out a massive Mickey hand swiveling above being powered by cranks and gears.


4. Adrian & Edith’s Head to Toe

When guests enter into Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they first walk down Hollywood Boulevard which is lined with shops and architecture that invokes the golden age of Hollywood. On the far right hand of the street, guests can shop in Adrian & Edith’s Head to Toe, a small shopping location that is perfectly themed to feel like a costume designer’s work space and shop. The location offers guests the chance to browse for Mouse Ears, towels, aprons, and more that can then be embroidered and personalized on the spot!

5. Island Mercantile

Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to several shopping locations including the vibrant and wonderful Island Mercantile. Found on the left hand side after crossing the bridge from the Oasis, the shopping location features amazing animal details and merchandise that focuses on fashion. Guests who peruse the location can browse for items including clothing, accessories, head wear, and more. This unique location is also known to have some merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else in Walt Disney World.

6. Windtraders

Also found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Pandora – The World of Avatar and a wonderful shopping location brings the story of the Na’vi to life located near the exit of Avatar Flight of Passage. Windtraders has a cavernous feel as the walls are overgrown with roots from the local vegetation, and guests can shop for unique merchandise including toys, clothing, art, and more. In addition to having their own photos turned into an Avatar, guests can also purchase a banshee to bring home as a pet!

7. Memento Mori

One of the most beloved attractions in all of Walt Disney World is the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. Located just outside the gates of the attraction is Memento Mori, a gift shop focused on the eerie theme and characters found next door. The location once belonged to Madame Leota when she was alive, and guests can purchase collectibles, clothing, accessories, housewares, and more that all directly tie into the Haunted Mansion.

8. BouTiki

Each Disney Resort has at least one shopping location for guests to enjoy, but Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is home to one store that is so amazing that guests have to enjoy it. BouTiki can be found on the lower level of the Great Ceremonial House just underneath Kona Café, and it offers guests unique merchandise that cannot be found elsewhere. Featuring apparel from popular brands, items featuring the mane and logo of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, plants, art, accessories, and more, BouTiki is the perfect place to shop!

9. Marketplace Co-Op

Disney Springs is home to a shopping location that features an interesting setup that guests are sure to love. The Marketplace Co-Op is housed entirely indoors, but has an open air setup that divides several shops which naturally flow into one another. Guests can purchase items for gentleman in Twenty Eight & Main, tech accessories in D-Tech on Demand, clothing and jewelry in Cherry Tree Lane, travel accessories in Disney TAG, and housewares and furnishings in Disney Centerpiece.

10. Disney’s Days of Christmas

Also found in Disney Springs is a shopping location that brings holiday cheer to life no matter what the time of year. Disney’s Days of Christmas celebrates the holidays every day and guests can shop for ornaments, stockings, and other holiday décor. The store also offers personalization so that guests can commemorate a vacation by adding their names, dates, and more to ornaments. Disney’s Days of Christmas is the perfect place to pick up a beautiful holiday item to remember any trip by!

About Caitlin Kane

Caitlin Kane first started visiting Walt Disney World when she was two years old, and despite spending most of that trip quarantined with the chicken pox she managed to fall in love with the place. Visiting WDW every year since, she especially loves learning all about the history and small details of the parks and eating/drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival each fall. When she's not in Disney, Caitlin lives in New York and spends her time counting down the days to her next trip.