Top Three Snacks In Each Walt Disney World Park

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie EPCOT France Pavilion
Credit: Disney Tips

One of the best ways to enjoy a Walt Disney World vacation is indulging in all of the amazing dining options that can be found throughout the property. This includes an impressive array of snacks that can be enjoyed at all times of the day from snack carts, grab and go locations, quick service locations, and more. From savory to sweet, each Disney Park is home to some delicious snack options that are absolutely worth seeking out and enjoying. Here are the top three snacks for guests to dig into in each of the four Walt Disney World Parks!


Magic Kingdom

1. Dole Whip – Aloha Isle

An absolute favorite snack of many, many guests can be found in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom. The Dole Whip has achieved almost a cult following throughout the years thanks to its refreshing temperature and fruity flavor and it can be found at the Aloha Isle quick service location located just across from the Swiss Family Treehouse. A Dole Whip is soft serve ice cream infused with tangy pineapple flavors and guests can also opt to enjoy a swirl version with vanilla ice cream or a Dole Whip Float with fresh pineapple juice.

2. Spring Rolls – Spring Roll Cart

Located just outside of Adventureland near the bridge that connects the area to the main hub on Main Street is a small cart that offers up popular snacks that guests can’t get enough of. The Spring Rolls Cart features two unique house-made spring roll flavors that are both savory and filling and often leave guest ordering both because they can’t choose! The House-Made Cheeseburger Spring Rolls are filled with savory ground beef and melted cheese and the Pepperoni Pizza Spring Rolls are packed with delicious slices of meat, melted mozzarella, and tomato sauce. Both options are great to grab and enjoy while taking in the nearby atmosphere of Adventureland.

3. Chicken Waffle – Sleepy Hollow

Not far away from the Spring Rolls Cart is another quick service option that serves up both sweet and savory snacks throughout each day in the Magic Kingdom. Sleepy Hollow can be found on the bridge that connects the Main Street hub and Liberty Square and is housed inside of a charming brick building with an outdoor seating courtyard with stunning views of Cinderella Castle. In the afternoons, guests are able to order up the delicious Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich which combines crispy chicken, a crunchy slaw, and a fluffy waffle and is served with house-made chips. This filling snack is the perfect way to fuel up for a wonderful evening in the park.



1. Beignets – Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

One of the best places to snack in all of Epcot is World Showcase thanks to its eleven different countries that each feature unique cuisine options. The France Pavilion is home to Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, a classic bakery that serves up decadent meals and snacks that guests love to indulge in. A great option to enjoy at the location are the Beignets, which are traditional square pastries that are light and fluffy and fried to perfection. The Beignets here are stuffed with chocolate and hazelnut making them an even more amazing snack to enjoy while strolling through the France Pavilion.

2. Kakigori

Another great snack option to enjoy in World Showcase can be found in the nearby Japan Pavilion in a small quick service stand that faces World Showcase Lagoon. Kabuki Café is very popular with guests as it serves up a combination of treats including traditional Kakigori. This Japanese shave ice treat combines a cold temperature with the choice of fruity flavors including strawberry, melon, cherry, tangerine, blue raspberry, or rainbow. Guests can also opt to order the Kakigori with Sweet Milk Topping for an extra layer of deliciousness!

Kakigori (Credit: Disney)

3. Esquites – Choza de Margarita

Guests who are looking for a savory snack while exploring World Showcase can head over to the Mexico Pavilion where an outdoor counter service location has some amazing choices. Choza de Margarita obviously serves up some amazing drink options that guests love to indulge in, but the location also features some delicious snacks as well. Guests who are looking for a tasty snack option should choose the Esquites which features spicy corn topped with chipotle mayo, queso fresco, and a tajin chili-lime powder. This sweet and spicy snack can be enjoyed with beautiful views of the nearby ancient pyramid and World Showcase Lagoon!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

1. California Cheese and Charcuterie Board – BaseLine Tap House

While Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to some amazing dining options, one of the most popular places to stop and enjoy a drink and snack can be found in the Grand Avenue area of the park. BaseLine Tap House features an outdoor patio area with picnic tables, soothing music, and great views of the area that pairs perfectly with the California-inspired menu of flavors and beverages. Guests are sure to enjoy indulging in the California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate which combines three cheeses and two meats from California with cornichon pickles, grapes, and toasted baguettes.

2. Lemon-Blueberry Lunch Box Tart – Woody’s Lunchbox

Over in Toy Story Land, everything is themed to make guests feel totally immersed in Andy’s backyard including the popular quick service location that serves up some American favorites. Woody’s Lunch Box welcomes guests to an ordering counter where they can indulge in delicious takes on childhood favorites including a snack that is sweet, tart, and unforgettable. The Lemon-Blueberry Lunch Box Tart emulates a childhood favorite snack and features a flaky pastry with a blueberry filling and sweet frosting with just a hint of tart lemon. This satisfying snack is definitely worth a trip to Toy Story Land!

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Brownie Sundae – Hollywood Scoops

Sunset Boulevard is themed to make guests feel as though they have stepped back in time to the golden age of Hollywood and is also home to a series of quick service locations including one that serves up some sweet treats. Hollywood Scoops is located near the end of Sunset Boulevard and offers up classic American ice cream favorites including the popular Brownie Sundae. This indulgent treat combines a house-made brownie with old-fashioned vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream making it the perfect refreshing snack to enjoy on any day in the park!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1. Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries – Mr. Kamal’s

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to some of the most unique dining experiences thanks to its exotic flavors and cuisine from all corners of the world. A great snack to enjoy while exploring the park can be found at Mr. Kamal’s which is a small cart situated between the Africa area of the park and the theater for UP! A Great Bird Adventure. Mr. Kamal’s is easy to miss, so guests should definitely be on the lookout as the cart serves up unique snack options including a great twist on classic French Fries. Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries are perfectly crispy fries that are topped with a tzatziki salad and sriacha ketchup for the perfect combination of heat and creamy topping that guests are sure to enjoy!

2. Chicken Fried Rice – Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café

Found further along the path in the Asia section of the park is a quick service location where guests can order a fusion of Asian and American flavors to then enjoy in an open air seating area with wonderful atmosphere. Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and serves up several popular menu items including the Chicken Fried Rice. Served as a side portion, the Chicken Fried Rice is cooked to perfection with meaty bites of chicken and the perfect snack sized option for guests to enjoy.

3. Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse – Satu’li Canteen

Many guests love to spend plenty of time exploring Pandora – The World of Avatar while in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the area is home to an incredibly popular quick service location that features a great snack option on its menu. Satu’li Canteen is themed to feel like a former RDA mess hall and serves up bowls that guests can customize with various bases, proteins, and sauces to create their perfect meal. While the bowls are great, the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse is an amazing snack option which combines sweet blueberry flavor with a tart passion fruit curd in a stunning presentation that looks just as otherworldly as Pandora itself!

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