Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom from A to Z

Magic Kingdom has been sharing the magic of Disney with Guests since it opened in 1971. There’s so much to enjoy in the park, that you can’t possibly see everything in just one day! Here are a few of our favorite things about Magic Kingdom—from A to Z!



A for Ariel’s Grotto

Step inside Ariel’s Grotto and say hello to the beautiful mermaid! Have your picture made with her, and even ask her to sign your autograph book!

B for Beast

Belle’s beau greets Guests in the evening after dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Fantasyland. Dinner at this spectacular table-service venue is one of the more difficult dining reservations to score, so be sure to access the My Disney Experience app 180 days in advance of your trip to make your reservation, or call (407) WDW-DINE.

C for Casey’s Corner

If you ever find yourself feeling hungry while exploring Main Street U.S.A., stop in at Casey’s Corner where they serve a variety of footlong dogs—some with bacon mac-n-cheese on top, as well as old-fashioned chili dogs!

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D for Dole Whip

Perhaps the most iconic snack at Walt Disney World, the Dole Whip—served at Aloha Isle in Adventureland—is a smooth pineapple soft-serve. Have yours in a cup, atop pineapple upside down cake or swirled with vanilla soft serve. But whatever you do, don’t leave Magic Kingdom without trying one!

E for Enchanted Tiki Room

This fun family attraction takes place in a round room with rows of seats from which you’ll get to watch 225 audio-animatronic birds, plants, tiki statues and flowers sing, croon, speak and entertain. It’s one of Disney World’s classic attractions, so don’t miss it!

F for Festival of Fantasy Parade

This fantastic parade takes place in the afternoon at Magic Kingdom and is not one to skip. If you’re looking for an attraction at which you can see lots of characters at once, this is it! See Disney princesses, Mickey, Minnie, Peter Pan, Wendy and more! And you’ll be singing the parade song for days to come!

G for Gaston

He’s got biceps to spare, and apparently enough ego to go around as well! You can say hello to Gaston near his tavern in Fantasyland and have your picture made with him as well. Check the Times Guide or the My Disney Experience app for appearance times.

H for Haunted Mansion

Enjoy a spooky ride through 15 different rooms full of ghosts, spooks and 999 happy haunts. Special effects play a big part in this attraction, and you won’t know what to believe. Watch out for the bride in the attic!

I for It’s a Small World

This slowly-moving boat ride is great for families with small children. Hop aboard and enjoy a ride through separate areas representative of different parts of the world as animatronic children clad in their respective cultural clothing sing “It’s a Small World.”

J for Jasmine

Princess Jasmine and her beau Aladdin meet Guests daily at the market at Agrabah inside Adventureland at Magic Kingdom. Check the Times Guide or access the My Disney Experience app to see meet and greet times.

K for Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is exactly that—a kingdom full of magic. And the magic is spread out across 6 different lands—Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

L for Liberty Tree

The Liberty Tree in Liberty Square is an actual living tree—in fact, it’s the oldest living thing at Disney World. It was found on another part of land owned by the Disney World Resort. It was dug up and transported 7 miles away to its current spot in Liberty Square.

M for Main Street U.S.A.

When you enter the park and pass under the train station, you will embark on Main Street U.S.A. Meet characters at Town Square, pick up cookies, fudge, brownies and other goodies at the Main Street Confectionery, and then walk across Main Street to pick out your souvenirs at the Emporium. Main Street U.S.A. leads you directly to Cinderella Castle. Don’t forget to stop in at Starbucks for your double mocha skinny espresso before heading out to the rest of the park!

N for Now

Once of Disney World’s famous taglines is “Now. More than ever.” And yes, now is always a great time to visit Disney World. Now, more than ever!

O for Opening

Also called Rope Drop, the opening ceremony at Magic Kingdom each morning is a great way to celebrate the start of your day in the park. Mickey, Minnie and all of our favorite Disney characters take part in the brief ceremony that welcomes Guests to the park and invites them to experience the magic.



P for Pirates of the Caribbean

Hold on to your treasure as you set out on a dark boat ride through a town ravaged by pirates. Can you find Captain Jack Sparrow?

Q for Quick-Service Restaurants

Magic Kingdom is home to lots of quick-service restaurants where you can stop by, grab a quick bite and get back to enjoying the magic. Check out the Starlight Café in Tomorrowland, Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland, Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Café in Frontierland and Sleepy Hollow at Liberty Square. And those are just a few of them!

R for Regal Carrousel (Prince Charming’s)

This beautiful carrousel measures 60 feet in diameter, making it one of the largest carrousels of its kind. It was built in 1917 and brought joy to people in other places in the country before being installed at Magic Kingdom. Once Disney’s Imagineers got their hands on this carrousel, it underwent an exhaustive renovation before being introduced to the public at Disney World in 1971. Choose from 90 ornately decorated carrousel horses on which to ride. Or you can choose to ride in the intricately carved chariot on the carrousel. Traditional carrousel organ music plays as your horse gallops up and down.  You’ll also notice 18 hand-painted works of art—each one retelling a part of Cinderella’s story.

S for Space Mountain

This coaster is one of the more slowly-moving coasters at Disney World, but it’s great fun because you get to ride it in complete darkness! Travel to far away galaxies and enjoy the views from space!

T for Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is one of the six lands at Magic Kingdom and can best be described as an area that celebrates a “retro future.” There are futuristic and space-themed rides and attractions to enjoy, as well as Walt Disney’s famous Carousel of Progress.

U for Ursula

The evil sea witch is up to no good inside the Under the Sea attraction in Fantasyland. Enjoy the retelling of the story of Ariel while aboard a clamshell-shaped ride vehicle. This is a great attraction for the whole family to enjoy!

V for eVer After

As in “Happily Ever After”—the nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom that is not to be missed! Be sure to finish your day at the park with this fabulous show!

W for Wendy

Say hello to Wendy and her brothers, Peter Pan and Nana as you soar high above London aboard a brilliantly-colored galleon at the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction in Fantasyland. Watch as Peter duels with the evil Captain Hook. Who will win and who will have to walk the plank?

X for Excalibur

Excalibur is the name of the sword in the stone near Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel. Even if you can’t pull it from the stone, it’s a great photo op!

Y for Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

Experience the joy of Christmas any day of the year at this little shop in Liberty Square. Pick out your family’s Disney World souvenir for this year or browse character-themed ornaments, stockings and more!

Z for Zurg

Battle the evil Emperor Zurg inside Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at Tomorrowland. Use your laser to rack up more points than your opponent who is, ironically, seated in the ride vehicle next to you!

About Rebekah Tyndall Burkett

Rebekah grew up in Forney, Texas and lives just outside of Dallas. She’s been a Disney superfan since childhood, experiencing the magic at Walt Disney World for the first time at the age of 11. Journeys to Neverland are at least a yearly occurrence for her, her husband and her four children (the Fab Four). When they go to the parks, they stay in Florida for three weeks at a time. Rebekah loves exploring the history of the parks, the genius behind the Magic in the person of Walt Disney, and she is intrigued by all things Disney World and Disney Imagineering. When in the parks, Rebekah and her husband Scott make the most of their time by enjoying every minute with their Fab Four, by delving deeper into Walt’s vision for the parks and into the history behind the Walt Disney World Resort, and by photographing the many different types of architecture at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and on the World Showcase at EPCOT. When she’s not in the parks, Rebekah is excitedly setting travel dates and planning her family’s next adventure to their happy place deep within the Sunshine State. On breaks from planning her next trip, Rebekah is a writer, journalist and children’s author, penning children’s books about kids with special needs that she affectionately calls “believement-achievement” stories. Her hobbies include creative writing, paper crafting and interviewing Imagineers. She is also an advocate for Autism Awareness and for children with developmental disabilities of all kinds.