What To Carry In Your Walt Disney World Park Bag In A Post-Quarantine World

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Travel to any destination is likely going to be a different experience for some time, and while Walt Disney World has been a leader in the industry in showcasing how experiences in the parks can be safe for Guests and Cast Members. While visiting the resort, you’ll be sure to find lots of hand sanitizer and mask enforcement, but there are still some things you may want to pack during this time to make your trip extra magical.


1. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing stations are everywhere at Walt Disney World right now, including at the entrance and exit of attractions to help with high touch areas on rides like restraints and safety bars. Still, it may be helpful to have some extra sanitizer on your person to clean your hands on the go while waiting in lines, before and after eating, and whenever else opportunity strikes. Disney’s restrooms are mostly touch free, with the majority not even using doors to get in and out and automatic flushers, faucets, and hand dryers, but in Animal Kingdom especially where there are doors due to requirements with housing animals it can be helpful to sanitize again on your way out. 

2. Hand Soap/Dish Soap 

I always recommend packing hand soap when you travel anywhere as an alternative to the bar soaps you often find in hotel rooms just because it feels cleaner….and as it turns out post-quarantine travel is especially a time when you probably want things to feel cleaner. Dish soap is great for washing reusable masks. Masks should be washed regularly anyway, but especially if you are wearing them all day with rising temps in the parks washing them is a must and dish soap is an easy (and CDC approved) way to clean them right in your hotel room.

3. Extra Masks

Speaking of masks, having some extras on hand will definitely be helpful while visiting the parks this year. If you get stuck in the rain or get wet on a ride your mask may need changing out, or you may simply feel ready for a fresh face covering while you’re out in the parks. 

Credit: Disney


4. Sanitizing Wipes

We trust that everything you’ll be encountering at Walt Disney World is being cleaned even more regularly than usual, but it still doesn’t hurt to bring along your own wipes. We recommend wiping down high touch surface areas in your hotel room and having some on hand while you’re out in the parks especially for tables when eating out. 

5. Credit/Debit Cards AND Cash

Credit and debit cards are definitely preferred to cash in the age of covid but when traveling in general it is still recommended that you have both. You may find yourself in a situation where tipping on a card isn’t possible (in Disney specifically we’re thinking of housekeeping at your resort) so having some cash on hand still doesn’t hurt. Contactless payments are also useful during this time which is why we recommend…

6. Portable Phone Chargers

Post-quarantine travel will likely have you using your phone a lot. Mobile ordering is the way to go now to pick up meals (in Disney and in most destinations) and touchless pay can be used on your phone as well. You can also use your phone as a room key and to check in and out of your accommodations. 

7. Snacks

Especially if you are visiting the parks with little ones having snacks on hand during this time is a must. Dining options in the parks are limited (but you can find everything that’s available on the My Disney Experience app) but it may be more difficult during this time to quickly get a snack when kids are hungry. 

8. Patience and Understanding

Lots of changes have been made at Walt Disney World to ensure your safety, and travel during this time is a new experience for everyone, so it is important to pack your patience and understanding when you visit the parks. In Disney, PhotoPass photographers are currently unable to handle your phone for you, and other Guests may not be interested in touching your phone either. All Guests have varying comfort levels in how they’re managing life during this time, and it is important to respect their boundaries by respecting physical distancing requirements and avoiding things like sharing tables and elevators (and making sure your children do the same). While Cast Members are obviously working with Guests at this time, it is even more important now to respect their space and follow all instructions. Information on what is required to visit Walt Disney World (including acceptable face coverings, temperature checks, and additional requirements for entry) are all available on Disney’s website and their app in advance of your visit, and it is important to follow these guidelines and Cast Member instructions during your visit. 

Credit: Disney (Kent Phillips, Photographer)

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