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Why Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite Makes Us Drool

Did you know there’s a luxurious suite high up in Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle? It’s the one and only place Guests can sleep in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park. Except, well – you can’t sleep there, if you’re an average Guest, because it’s only ever offered as a sweepstake prize or, rarely, to VIPs at WDW.

And don’t think you can throw money at it, either – rumor has it that Disney has turned down bribes of up to $40,000 from wealthy Guests who wanted to stay in the Castle. But while you may not be able to stay here, you can certainly find out what it would be like through photo and video tours online. Here are a few reasons Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite makes us drool.

Fairy Godmother

We’re told that any Guest staying in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite has access to their real-life fairy godmother during their visit, which grants any wish they may have (within the realm of possibility).  

Ahhh, the possibilities…. Feel like having pizza delivered to your suite at 3:00 am? Or maybe you’d like a suit or gown dropped off so you can dress the part (imagine the photo opps!). It’s good to be a VIP!


To get to Cinderella Castle Suite, Guests step into a private elevator set into Gothic stone arches and bearing beautiful gold doors. Inside the elevator, the glamour continues with the mosaic floor and upholstered tufted panels.

As befitting any member of royalty, you’ll need a special key (namely, a Key to the World card) to activate this very fancy lift.


With a soaker tub surrounded by mosaic walls and a ceiling that resembles a starry sky to gaze at while you soak, Cinderella Castle Suite’s bathroom is more than drool-worthy.

The double sinks (they’re copper, by the way, and stunning) mean no more sharing the bathroom sink with your loved one, and the candelabra sconces are the perfect way to light the walls, which look like they’re made of stone, perfect for a castle.

But, back to the soaker tub. Thanks to some strategically placed submerged lighting, did we mention that the bathtub water changes colors? Not too shabby.

Credit: Disney Parks

Toilet Room

The toilet room (because no princess puts her toilet in the same room as her tub and sinks, of course) is sheathed in exquisite wood paneling, with a captivating mosaic tile floor. The toilet itself boasts an actual canopy above it. Royal throne, indeed.

Magic TVs

It’s a no-no to place a television over a fireplace. But sometimes that’s just the best place for a tv, so what’s a prince or princess to do? Well, Cinderella solved that dilemma with the disappearing tv over her bedroom fireplace.

Initially, there appears to be an old-school portrait of Cinderella above the ornate fireplace in the main bedroom. But the touch of a button makes the portrait magically turn into a flat-screen tv. Voila! Mischief managed.

Credit: Disney Parks

There’s a similar magical tv in the den, which presents itself as a mirror, but can be turned on to reveal a tv. Mirror, mirror on the wall…


Given the richness of the furnishings in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite, the attention to detail we’ve come to expect in all things Disney, and the exquisite beauty we’ve seen in parts of Cinderella Castle that are open to Guests, you’d probably assume that the ceilings in the suite are to die for. And you’d be very, very right.

Credit: Disney Parks

Depending on the room you’re in, you might look up and find coffered ceilings with rich wooden beams and intricate gold ceiling tiles. Or maybe the intricately painted dome ceiling of the tiny den. There’s also that magical starry sky ceiling in the bathroom. Suffice it to say – in the Cinderella Castle Suite; even the ceilings get the royal treatment!

Glass Slipper

Any Guest with even a passing acquaintance with the story of Cinderella knows about her iconic glass slippers. Naturally, this icon appears in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite, too.  

Though the suite is rarely used, lucky celebrities have occasionally stayed here (Mariah Carey, Tom Cruise, Kevin Jonas, Neil Patrick Harris, and Katy Perry have all enjoyed the suite with their families). Each (rare) Guest of the suite is offered their glass slipper to take home with them to remember their visit. Rumor has it that each slipper costs $18,000 – better hope it fits. 

There’s even a Cinderella glass case in the suite that displays magnificent blown glass pumpkins, Cinderella’s scepter and crown, and of course, the glass slipper itself.

Stained-Glass Windows

Throughout Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite, you’ll find elaborately crafted stained-glass windows featuring images like Cinderella’s royal crest, that famous glass slipper, and even her adorable mouse friends from Disney’s animated film.  

They’re not quite the best vantage point possible for viewing Magic Kingdom Theme Park’s Disney Enchantment Nighttime Spectacular, but Guests can look out over Magic Kingdom Theme Park’s Fantasyland at all the (thoroughly envious) Guests below.

Bottom Line

These drool-worthy features of Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite just scratch the surface of what awaits those lucky enough to set foot here, either as a Guest or on a (rare) tour of the suite.

So if you’re not yet quite as famous as Katy Perry or Neil Patrick Harris, console yourself with an online look at the treasures beyond the walls of Cinderella Castle. You can even use this spectacular décor as inspiration for a royal Disney room in your own home!

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