Will Bob Iger Sell Disney to A Tech Company?

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There has been a rumor circling the entertainment industry for years. What is it? That Apple is looking to buy Disney…or that Disney is looking to be purchased by Apple.

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Apple and the Mouse

This week, Disney CEO Bob Iger has declared Disney’s linear TV asses noncore – meaning they aren’t part of the business’s central makeup. This means that parts of the Walt Disney Company, such as the networks ABC, FX, Freeform, and ESPN, are possibly being considered for sale.

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As a company, Disney may have to begin selling off some of its assets to keep other elements afloat. Although the rumor that Apple would be interested in buying Disney has long been just that – a rumor – it seems more likely now than ever.

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Apple and ESPN

According to Bloomberg, and other sources, tech giants like Apple may be interested in acquiring ESPN. If this came to fruition, it would still leave much of Disney on the table. That is, of course, assuming that Apple wouldn’t be interested in taking a bigger bite of the…apple. It might be interesting to see Apple TV merge with Disney Plus or Apple technology take over Walt Disney World or other theme parks. Maybe we could even see Mickey Mouse one day endorse the new Apple Watch or Macbook? Who knows?

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For years, many business insiders and entertainment analysts have claimed that Apple acquiring Disney is highly unlikely. But that was a long time ago. It’s a new day for the Walt Disney Company, which has seen many changes in the past year. Aside from changing CEOs, seeing top executives leave, and the stock bouncing up and down like the Tower of Terror, box office revenue has been in a slump. In addition, Theme Park attendance seems to be down – although Disney CEO Bob Iger has pushed back on that claim, signaling that they see no signs of that.

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Either way, the Walt Disney Company is due for some changes. The current rate at which they are performing is not sustainable in the long term. And the ongoing fight with Governor Ron DeSantis does not seem to help.

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