Disney CEO Bob Iger Takes Swipe at Ron DeSantis

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Anybody following Disney news or American politics is already aware of the battle between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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How It All Started…

The conflict began over a year ago when Disney’s CEO at the time, Bob Chapek, issued a statement criticizing a bill being pushed forward by the Republican-led Florida legislature and supported by the governor.

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The war of words quickly escalated to lawsuits, retaliation, the removal of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, and to the current situation where both Ron DeSantis and Bob Iger find themselves in a no-win situation. Governor DeSantis will need the support of Florida voters and many millions of Americans (of varying political philosophies) if he hopes to be the next president of the United States in a few short years. Disney CEO Bob Iger, on the other hand, needs to keep those who define themselves as conservative as paying customers of Disney’s movies and Disney Parks while still supporting the company’s LGBTQ+ Cast Members.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Recent Comments

In a recent interview with CNBC, Bob Iger rejected claims made by Ron DeSantis, alleging that the Walt Disney Company sexualizes children.

Disney’s CEO described the claims as “preposterous and inaccurate,” and he further commented that Disney does not want to be involved in a culture war. “Our goal is to continue to tell wonderful stories and have a positive impact on the world,” Iger continued.

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The claims Bob Iger was referring to come from Ron DeSantis’ book, where the Governor wrote that Disney was “indoctrinating very young schoolchildren in woke gender identity politics,” and recent statements where Gov DeSantis addressed the Disney battle when visiting with the group Moms for Liberty last month.

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Bob Iger further confirmed his (and the company’s) opposition to the Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill (now law). He also rejected the notion that the decrease in Walt Disney World Resort attendance was related to the company’s political and cultural fight.

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What Now?

The Disney versus DeSantis battle will be an ongoing fight for at least another year as the lawsuits drag on and Ron DeSantis continues his presidential campaign.

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