DeSantis Claims ‘Immunity’ in Disney Fight

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Anybody who follows Disney news, politics, or social media, is probably well aware of the ongoing battle between The Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. There have not been many new punches thrown in the fight lately – perhaps it’s because Disney is busy figuring out how to restructure their business among their CFO and other execs leaving. Or it could also be because Governor DeSantis is too distracted in his 2024 presidential campaign against former President Donald Trump to spend time fighting over monorail inspections.

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Recent Updates

But the wheels have already been put in motion for legal fights, which will continue to lurch on regardless of what happens at Disney or the Governor’s office.

In the most recent development, Governor Ron DeSantis filed a motion Monday, June 26, to dismiss the Walt Disney Company’s lawsuit against him. The reason? Ron DeSantis and his team claim that he, like many other government officials, has “legislative immunity.”

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What Does That Mean?

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It means there are currently laws to protect against legal retaliation against public officials such as Governors or lawmakers. For example, if you feel you have been wronged or your rights have been violated, you can take up a legal fight with the state, but not specifically with the lawmaker(s). Since the lawsuit filed by Disney specifically calls out Ron DeSantis by name, the Florida governor seems to be claiming that Disney is singling him out – as opposed to challenging the state or its other officials.

All of this legal back and forth stems from the former bill, now law, passed by Florida Republicans prohibiting the discussion of sexual orientation and identity in grades kindergarten through third grade. The company and Disney CEO Bob Chapek chose not to pick a side at first but later opted to fight against the bill and Florida Republicans. This resulted in the state stripping Walt Disney World Resort of benefits it enjoyed in the state, such as control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

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One Year, Zero Wins

It’s been over a year since the fight began, and it doesn’t seem to be doing either side much favors. Governor Ron DeSantis has been criticized by other Republicans, including Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, and the Walt Disney Company has seen its stock price drop and box office numbers fall dramatically.

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Perhaps in a year, we will know who “won” the battle. But odds are, it may be nobody.

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