Avoid This Mistake When Using Uber or Lyft at Disney World

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When planning a trip to Walt Disney World Resort, one of the best ways to save some money is to avoid paying for parking in the many theme park lots. The current rate to park at one of the Disney Parks is $25 per day – and it can be as much as $50 per day for preferred parking. That price can add up fast, especially if you are going to spend multiple days in the parks or are traveling with a large party, and each has your own separate vehicle.

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Enter Ridesharing

Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing platform can be a great way to avoid that price while saving yourself the stress of driving or navigating the parking lot cones and attendants. But if you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort in the near future and plan on using a ridesharing service, it’s vital to know where you need to be when the rides pick you up and drop you off.


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In a perfect world, all drivers would be familiar with where they should drop off and pick up passengers, but that’s not always the case.

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Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom can be more straightforward, but Magic Kingdom and EPCOT can cause some confusion.

Magic Kingdom Park/ Ticket and Transportation Center

Transportation Ticket Center

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One easy mistake some drivers, and even Guests, can run into is mistaking the theme park’s entrance and the Ticket and Transportation Center. The official pick up and drop off location is at the Ticket and Transportation Center. Still, some drivers (or Guests) unfamiliar with the Resort mistakenly think the drop-off and pick-up area is near the hotels buses outside the theme park entrance. This can often cause a lot of frustration and confusion and perhaps end in you getting charged a fee by the ridesharing service.

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EPCOT Construction

EPCOT is currently undergoing construction in its parking lots and ridesharing area. A new ride-share loop is presently under construction in the current Hei Hei parking lot (and has been for months). However, Guests are currently being redirected to the EVE parking lot for ride-share drop-offs and pick-ups. An official opening of when the ride-share loop will be completed has yet to be announced. Although it will make for a smoother, less congested experience in the parking lot, in the meantime, park visitors must be aware of where they should go.


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Whichever theme park you visit at Walt Disney World, if you are using a rideshare service, you definitely want to avoid being stuck having to pay a fine or fee from Uber or Lyft or charged a waiting fee. Having to pay those fees can negate the savings you get from renting a car or paying for parking on your own.

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