Disney’s Carousel of Progress “Woke” Change Enrages Fans

The Carousel of Progress
Credit: D23

Disney World is home to some of the most classic attractions. In Magic Kingdom, the rides are original to the Park’s opening day. Many started in Disneyland first; Walt Disney himself mainly created or touched the iconic attractions. Today, many of them still exist in both Disneyland and Disney World.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a small world, and Haunted Mansion are three of the few classic attractions that still stand untouched. Along with these rides include the Carousel of Progress, Space Mountain, and Jungle Cruise. The Carousel of Progress is an attraction that Walt Disney worked on, making it one of the many reasons it’s so special.

In 1964 the ride appeared at the New York World’s Fair “with the classic song “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” by the Academy Award®-winning team of brothers Richard and Robert Sherman” as told by Disney.

The Carousel of Progress

Credit: D23

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From the Gramophone to the Smartphone

Carousel of Progress is a technology transformation, as Guests watch an American family progress through the generations. Presented in a revolving theater, the audience seating moves, creating a one-of-a-kind attraction. “The attraction consists of six different scenes, each representing a different time period: the early 1900s, the 1920s, the 1940s, the 1960s, the present day (which was updated in 1994), and a future scene.” written by Inside the Magic.

The ride is perfect for the whole family to learn more about the past and future. It’s also a great ride to escape the hot Florida sun. Although dated in some parts, it’s still a classic must-ride for every Magic Kingdom trip.

The Carousel of Progress

Credit: D23

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Changes coming to The Carousel of Progress

While plenty of attractions get updates or reimagined, like Splash Mountain now becoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the news will break from Disney first. This new “news” has yet to come from the “Mouse’s mouth,” making these updates skeptical. Disney Dining reports, “According to the satirical report, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom will soon close to allow for a revamping of the final act of the stage show presentation.”

The satire site, Mouse Trap News, ran with this story that the show’s final act would change significantly to fit a new narrative. Although, as a Disney fan, typically, it’s best to hear changes from the company itself, fans went wild over these claims. Mouse Trap News reported,

First off, the current scene celebrates Christmas. The scene will still take place in the winter. However, in the new scene, the family will celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza. This is to allegedly be more representative of other cultures and lifestyles. There are also updates to some of the animatronics. First off, Patricia will become the first-ever transgender animatronic. Patricia is the daughter of John and Sarah, referred to as both Patty and Patricia throughout the ride. However, in the new future scene, “he” will go by Pat, which can be interchangeably used as a male or female name. Disney will apparently change its look of Pat to appear as male vs female. This is caused some people to give the ride a new nickname, “Carousel of Wokeness”.

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The article ended by noting that this was an entirely made-up story, but it did its justice. The story went viral online, with fans’ opinions on the matter. As of now, Disney has no plans to change the attraction in any way. Although some parts may be dated, it’s still a classic that remains so for that reason.

The Carousel of Progress

Credit: D23

Disney is currently undergoing many projects in Disney World that are not nearly complete, making this possibility even further from the truth. With Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Journey of Water in EPCOT still underway, The Carousel of Progress doesn’t seem to be on Disney’s radar at all.

What’s your opinion on this viral story?

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