New slingshot and drop tower opening at ICON Park (McReynolds)

World’s Tallest Drop Tower and Slingshot Open Today

Most of what we post is about Disney, but if something is exciting in the Central Florida area, we also like to share that. ICON Park is only a short drive away from the Walt Disney World Resort.

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There are so many shopping and dining options as well as entertainment at ICON Park. There are now two brand new rides opening today, December 28th, 2021. These attractions are breaking records as the tallest drop tower and slingshot in the world.


The Orlando Slingshot will be standing at 300 ft tall. This attraction will launch two riders approximately 450 ft straight up into the sky with speeds reaching 100 mph.


Next to it will be Orlando Free Fall, the tallest free fall drop in the world. Guess will be sent 400 ft in the air and drop at 70 miles an hour. Once near the top, Guests will tilt 30 degrees.


To give you a little bit of comparison, the Orlando SunTrust building is 441 ft tall. The Orlando Free Fall is just 11 ft shorter than that.

Credit: News 6

If this sounds exciting to you, the Orlando Slingshot is $30 per person, while the Orlando Freefall is $12 per person. If you’re feeling brave and want to ride multiple attractions, combo tickets are available for both of these new attractions or with the Starflyer, which range from $20 to $50.


These attractions are in good company as the Starflyer is the tallest swing ride making Orlando the “land of giants.” Three world record rides in the central Florida area is quite an accomplishment.


We have some of the best Theme Parks in the world and other incredible attractions, so this may be the perfect time for you to start planning your next vacation to Orlando. Make sure to do your research before leaving to know what safety protocols are in place.

Credit: ICON Park

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