10 Awesome Things To Do During Bad Weather At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Bad weather have you down? There is no reason why the weather should have an impact on your Disney vacation. Unless the parks are actually closed from the weather (which has happened less than a handful of times since 1971) you should continue to enjoy your trip! Here’s how:


1. Resort hop

The easiest resorts to explore on a rainy day are the monorail resorts. All of the monorail stations are covered, so as long as the monorails are running you’ll be able to travel between Disney’s Contemporary, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian Village Resorts without stepping fully outside. While you cannot use the pools at a resort you are not staying at, you are able to peruse the shops and dine at the restaurants, so if the weather happens to turn during your visit to the Magic Kingdom, hopping on the monorail might not be such a bad idea.

2. Grab a bite

Most bad weather in Orlando consists of thunderstorms in the summer that last for about 30 minutes. If this is the type of bad weather that you experience during your trip, you could duck into a nearby quick service restaurant and make this your lunch/dinner time. By doing this, you’ll get out of the rain and enjoy a delicious meal.

3. Shop

Shopping during bad weather at Walt Disney World can be hit or miss. If the skies open up for rain, many guests will rush into the nearest shops to take cover. If you can tolerate the crowds, or luck out and are not in a crowded shopping area, this can be an easy way to spend some time.


4. Catch a show

Most show attractions are presented on a continual basis. Assuming you have a couple of minutes of waiting in line before the show starts, and then about 20 minutes for the show, the weather may pass by the time you get out. Some attractions do not run in inclement weather, and other non-show indoor attractions may have excessive waits as a result. Indoor show attractions however can accommodate more guests, making these experiences wise choices to wait out storms.

5. Take a nap

It may seem like a crazy idea to spend time during your Disney vacation napping, but many guests are easily exhausted with the long hours in the parks, lots of walking, and heat depending on the time of your visit. Some guests with small children can also find naps beneficial for obvious reasons. If the weather starts to turn on you and the kids are getting sleepy anyway, this could be the perfect time for a nap.

6. Meet some characters

Many character meet and greets at Walt Disney World are actually entirely indoors. If you’ve been meaning to get around to meeting the characters in Princess Fairytale Hall for instance, the bad weather might be a great time to do so. Even a meet and greet like Mickey at the Town Square Theater, the usually has a lengthy queue, may be a good idea if you’re looking to get away from the bad weather without sacrificing time on your vacation.

7. People-watch

A Disney vacation can make for some prime people watching as it is, but throw in some lousy weather and you can be in for a treat. It’s always interesting to see how different guests react to the poor weather. Whether it’s umbrella or poncho time, jacket time, or time to leave the park, you’re bound to come across something interesting if you grab a spot on a (covered) bench to people-watch.

8. Take photos

If you (and your camera) can brave the weather, this can be one of the best times to take photos. You may not have the blue skies and sunshine we typically like to see in photos, but since so many guests leave the parks as soon as the weather turns, you would probably be able to take lots of photos without other guests in them.

9. Head back to the resort

This shouldn’t be your first choice, but if the resort is very close by (think Animal Kingdom Lodge to Animal Kingdom or the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom kinds of close) and it won’t take you long to get there, it’s not a bad idea to head back for a little bit until the weather passes. It can give you the opportunity to freshen up and prepare for the rest of the day.

10. Just enjoy!

The best thing you can do in bad weather at Walt Disney World is to just continue to go about your day and enjoy your vacation! Pack your umbrella and ponchos, and plan on now allowing any kind of inclement weather to stand in your way during your trip. Remember, most guests leave the parks when the weather turns, so if you can tolerate it you’ll find the crowds will drastically thin out. Of course, be sure to follow cast member instructions, and wear shoes at all times for your safety!

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