10 Best Desserts at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios


Let them eat cake! Or cheesecake. Or ice cream. Or marmalade tarts! When you visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, one thing you’ll get to enjoy everywhere you go, every day you’re there, is desserts! And Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some of the best—from out-of-this-galaxy treats and interesting milkshakes to desserts at a brand-new restaurant at the new Toy Story Land, you could literally make a vacation out of just trying desserts! Here are ten of the best.


10. Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake – 50s Prime Time Café

You read that right—peanut butter and jelly blended with ice cream to make an “outta sight” milkshake! When I first heard of this dessert, I didn’t think I’d ever try it. But you can’t judge a book by its cover—or a dessert by its ingredients! It’s surprisingly very good! And if you haven’t made it over to the 50s Prime Time Café, you’ve got to try it! Don’t forget to make your dining reservations by calling (407) WDW-DINE or via the My Disney Experience app.

9. Warm Glazed Doughnut – Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater Restaurant

If this sweet dessert were simply a warm glazed doughnut, it would be out of this world! But Disney never does anything half-way, so this amazing dessert at the Sci-Fi Diner is a warm glazed doughnut covered in cinnamon apples and topped with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce. Um, yes please!

8. House-Made Sci-Fi Candy Bar – Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater Restaurant

Did you know you can enjoy a candy bar made right there at the Sci-Fi Drive-in Theater Restaurant? It’s true—they make them in the restaurant! And they’re amazing—cookies and crème mousse with chocolate ganache and chocolate sauce! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!


7. Ice Cream Sandwich – Hollywood Scoops

Everything is just better at Disney World—even if it’s something as simple as an ice cream sandwich! This one is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two fresh-baked cookies! This dessert is on my list of “comfort foods!”

6. Mom’s Brownie – 50s Prime Time Café

Another amazing dessert at 50s Prime Time Café is Mom’s Brownie. It’s a decadent chocolate brownie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Then it’s topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream! Thanks Mom!

5. Apple Fritter – Joffrey’s Tea and Coffee Company

You’ll find Joffrey’s stands at different places all over the Walt Disney World Resort. At Hollywood Studios, you can find one across the street from the “Walt Disney Presents” attraction. They serve a full menu of coffees and teas, but coffee’s not my bag, so I opt instead for the enormous apple fritter. It’s just the best apple fritter I’ve ever had—maybe because I’m at Disney World. And if apple fritters don’t appeal to you, try the “pink” doughnut. It’s enough to share, but if you don’t, we won’t judge. (I don’t share my fritter either!)

4. Cheesecake – Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

You can enjoy cheesecake at lots of restaurants at Disney World, but this one is especially good because it tastes so decadent—and it’s a no-sugar-added dessert! Yummy cheesecake served with strawberry sauce and whipped cream! It’s perfect and there’s no guilt!

3. BB-9E Cupcake – Backlot Express

The Backlot Express is a quick-service restaurant near the Star Tours attraction. There are movie props all over the restaurant, and many menu items have a Star Wars theme. This cupcake is really good, but the most fun part is that it’s got an edible little BB-9E on top of it (from Star Wars Episode 8). The BB-9E cupcake replaced the BB-8 cupcake and is a vanilla cake with caramel cheesecake buttercream icing and little black and silver edible pearls. May the dessert be with you!

2. Mini Dessert Trio – Hollywood Brown Derby

The menu at the Hollywood Brown Derby is chock full of amazing and tempting options—from starters to entrees. But probably my favorite thing at the Derby is the Dessert Trio. You can choose from six different decadent desserts; just tell your server which three you’d like to enjoy, and he’ll bring them out to you on one tray—three miniature versions of desserts. Choose from their signature grapefruit cake, lemon cheesecake, banana-toffee cake, warm blueberry cobbler, cappuccino brulee and dark chocolate cremeux. If you want three of one dessert, they can do that too! It’s up to you!

1. Raspberry Lunch Box Tart – Woody’s Lunch Box

Whenever you get to visit Andy’s backyard, you’ll want to head to Woody’s Lunch Box to try this dessert! It’s a pastry stuffed with raspberry marmalade and coated in strawberry fondant. It’s then sprinkled with crunchy little edible pearls. Simple grab and go dessert that will have you ready for seconds!

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