9 Best Hidden Mickeys In Epcot In Walt Disney World

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Guests who visit Walt Disney World love spending time in Epcot enjoying both Future World and World Showcase. The front half of the park is home to Future World which celebrates technology and the land, and the back half of the park features World Showcase which has eleven different countries celebrating cultures from around the world. With so many amazing things to see in Epcot, there is one activity which guests love do to while exploring. Finding Hidden Mickeys is a habit of many guests, and these hidden images can be found virtually everywhere throughout Walt Disney World. Hidden Mickeys can be found in everything from décor to art and can feature Mickey as well as other Disney characters. Epcot is full of Hidden Mickeys for guests to enjoy, and a great way to spend time in the park is to search for as many as possible. Here are the nine best Hidden Mickeys in Epcot in Walt Disney World.


9. Spaceship Earth

This attraction is housed in the icon of Epcot and can be seen by guests as soon as they enter into the parking lot. Spaceship Earth brings guests on a journey from the beginning of time to present day to celebrate how communication has developed. Along the way guests pass by scenes depicting significant moments in history like the burning of Rome and the Renaissance as well as several Hidden Mickeys. While moving through the Renaissance scene, guests should look to the left hand side of their Time Machines to spot a table scattered with paint supplies. On the table is a classic Hidden Mickey formed by three rings left behind by paint cans.

8. Garden Grill Restaurant

A full service dining location in Future World which serves up fresh produce grown inside the building is the Garden Grill Restaurant. Located on the middle level of The Land Pavilion, the restaurant features character dining and is a favorite of many guests. When entering into the restaurant, guests can observe a massive mural of lush vegetation which also features a hard to spot Hidden Mickey. Mickey’s face can be seen in slight profile peeking out from behind several ferns. He can be really hard to spot, so guests who need help finding him can ask nearby Cast Members for a hint.

7. Mission: SPACE

One of the most thrilling attractions in Epcot is Mission: SPACE which takes guests into the International Space Training Center to prepare for a simulated flight to space. After boarding their attraction capsules and strapping in, guests are positioned against a gang plank as they prepare for launch. Along either side of the gang plank guests can spot classic Hidden Mickeys formed by metal rings.

6. Living with the Land

Located in the lower level of The Land Pavilion is Living with the Land which takes guests on a serene boat ride through various environmental settings and massive greenhouses. Along the way guests learn how the land can thrive in harsh conditions and also how new technology is being utilized to help keep the land clean and efficient. As guests enjoy the ride they move through a red tinted room which is home large tanks of fish. At the end of the room are rows of long tubes filled with water which are home to species like eels and shrimp. Guests who look at the right angle can spot a classic Hidden Mickey formed by metal caging in one of the tubes.


5. Karamell-Kuche

The Germany Pavilion in World Showcase is so beautifully themed that guests feel as though they have traveled to a small German village far away. The Karamell-Kuche shop invites guests in with its enticing aroma of fresh made caramel treats. Guests who wander through the shop and check out all of the merchandise can find a Hidden Mickey along the way. Alongside a set of shelves is a painted vine featuring flowers and a classic Hidden Mickey.

4. The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

The Mexico Pavilion is home to an attraction which takes guests on a scenic tour of Mexico and shares its culture and history. The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros follows Jose and Panchito as they travel across Mexico to find Donald in time for their concert. Towards the end of the attraction guests can look to the left hand side of their boat to spot a small floating boat that reads “Viva Donald.” On the front of the boat there are three drums which come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

3. Le Cellier Steakhouse

One of the most popular full service dining locations in World Showcase is Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion. The restaurant is decorated to feel like a cozy wine cellar and serves up several different delicious cuts of steak. When guests first enter into Le Cellier Steakhouse they pass by a large wall which has been compartmentalized to act as a wine rack. On one of the shelves are three wine bottles which come together to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

2. The Canada Pavilion

Guests who enjoy exploring the Canada Pavilion can take in several different types of architecture, beautiful gardens, flowing waterfalls, and intricately carved totem poles. When heading into the pavilion, guests should look closely at the totem pole on the left hand side of the staircase to spot a classic Hidden Mickey near the top.

1. The American Adventure

The American Pavilion is home to a beautiful show which celebrates the history and the legacy of the people of the United Stated. The American Adventure combines Audio Animatronics, artwork, and history to tell the amazing story of how the people became a united whole. Guests waiting to view the show can wander through a massive atrium which showcases several pieces of art and quotes by famous Americans. On the left hand side of the atrium is a picture featuring a man speaking to a large crowd. Amongst the crowd is a woman wearing a hat which features a classic Hidden Mickey formed by roses on top.

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