10 Facts and Experiences About Walt Disney World’s Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Star Wars fans, listen up. Disney came up with the perfect ride just for you. Get ready to have your mind blown on Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. If you haven’t been on Star Tours since 2010, then forget everything you thought you knew about the ride. In 2010, Walt Disney World closed Star Tours and it reopened several months later as Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. Disney Imagineers have created a new adventure like you have never been on before. Here are ten things that you’ll want to know about the new version.


10) 3D

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue takes you on an all new 3-D adventure. Unlike the old ride, you will now need 3-D “flight glasses” to take in the full experience. Walt Disney World definitely goes all out with 3-D, and Star Tours is no exception.

9) Rebel Spy

You’re with your family and friends enjoying a fun day at Walt Disney World. You get in line to go on Star Tours with other Walt Disney World guests. But wait, is there a rebel spy among you? Or are you the spy? You’ll have to ride to find out.

8) Good FastPass+ Option

Wait Times for Star Tours – The Adventures Continue can get pretty long, especially in the middle of the day, so if you are looking for a good FastPass+ choice you may want to consider this. Walt Disney World resort guests can select their FastPass+ choices 60 days in advance, while non-resort guests can make their FastPass+ reservations 30 days in advance.

7) Your Ride Changes

One of the great things about the new Star Tours is that your ride keeps changing. You could ride over and over again and get different scenarios each time. There are dozens of ride combinations, which means you will want to keep riding over and over again. You’ll see many of your favorite Star Wars characters along your journey.


6) Jakku

Any Star Wars: The Force Awakens fans out there? If so, you’ll be excited to know that Jakku was added to Star Tours in December, 2015. Also, the adorable BB-8 was added to the adventure at the same time. With more movies on the way, there will be additional changes in the future.

5) C-3PO and Rex

Your new pilot is C-3PO, who did not become your pilot by choice. He will take you on an adventure that might make you a little nervous along the way. Fans of the original Star Tours will be happy to see the inept pilot RX-24 (or Rex for short) in the queue line. He’s the one who is marked “Defective! Return to factory!”. You can also randomly hear him from time to time.

4) Looking For Hidden Mickeys?

If you’re someone who likes to find Hidden Mickeys, there are a few on Star Tours that you will want to look for. Watch G2-9T, the droid who scans the luggage. Just what is in some of those bags? Also, keep an eye on the window where the shadows walk by.

3) In Line

While in line for Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, pay attention to the two moving droids. One of them scans the bags and the other scans the passengers. They are absolutely hilarious, and are an incredible addition to the whole Star Tours experience.

2) Height Requirement

There is a height requirement for Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. All riders must be 40 inches or taller to ride. Remember that height requirements are for the safety of everyone, so please do not take it out on the Cast Members if your child is not tall enough to ride. Rider Switch is available; ask a Cast Member at the ride’s entrance for more information.

1) Right Next Door

Right next to Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. Children ages 4-12 can participate in this one of a kind opportunity. Kids learn the ways of the Force from the best, and they may even battle a Sith or another villain. It is free with park admission, but make sure to get there first thing in the morning because classes will fill up quickly. Your child must be with you to sign up. It’s also an entertaining show to watch. One warning, lines for Star Tours tend to get quite a bit longer immediately after Jedi Training lets out.

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