10 Guest Behaviors That Can Get You In Trouble at Walt Disney World

We’ve all witnessed questionable guest behaviors at Walt Disney World, those actions that just make you shake your head in disgust or annoyance.  But what kinds of behavior can actually get you in trouble at WDW?  And how bad could the repercussions really be?  Here are 10 things you definitely don’t want to do on your next Disney trip.


1. Fighting

Needless to say, as a behavior that directly threatens the safety of guests and cast members, fighting is not tolerated at Walt Disney World.  Yes, this does seem like common sense, and you might be asking yourself, “Who would come to blows in the most magical place on earth?”  But it’s amazing how tempers can flare if you’ve been out in the Orlando heat waiting in line with little ones all day, and guests have been known to get into fistfights in the parks.  Unsurprisingly, guests who get physical with others are escorted from the parks.

2. Wearing a Costume

NOTE: Currently, Disney is allowing adults to dress up in costume for the 2020 Fall Season from September 15 – October 31. Enjoy!

Think it might be fun to dress up as the Incredibles with your family for a day of fun in the parks?  Unless you’re attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party, don’t even think about it.  Guests aged 14 and older aren’t allowed to wear costumes at any Disney park, outside of special events like the Halloween parties, because Disney doesn’t want guests being mistaken for cast members in costume.  Note that this also applies to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where you can buy Jedi robes and other character outfits, but not actually wear them, unless you’re under 14.  We’ve heard that cast members in Galaxy’s Edge don’t always enforce this rule, but fair warning!

3. Smoking

Smoking isn’t allowed anywhere in Disney parks – and that includes vaping.  You’ll notice signs for smoking areas outside of the park entrances, or maybe at other areas outside of the park, like Disney Springs.  But if you’re a smoker, it’s a good idea to check in advance and become familiar with the designated smoking areas on property.  Smoking in a non-smoking area can earn you hundreds of dollars in fines, and perhaps a one-way ticket out of Walt Disney World.


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4. Trying to Access Off-Limits Areas

Think it might be cool to check out abandoned Discovery Island or River Country at Walt Disney World?  Tempted to try to sneak behind the scenes of your favorite ride?  Think again.  Disney has very strict policies about keeping backstage areas separate from show areas (the areas open to guests).  So when you’re caught – and you will be! – trying to sneak into an off-limits area, at best you can expect to be booted from the park; at worst, you could find yourself banned for life, up on charges, or facing hefty fines.  A much better idea would be signing up for a tour that takes you to visit backstage areas, legally, and with an amazing guide!

5. Swearing

Most guests are on their best behavior at Walt Disney World.  After all, not many people want to hear a string of profanities while waiting in line with their little ones.  However, it does happen.  And guests who are caught uttering profanities, making rude gestures, or doing anything “unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive” can be removed from the park.  This includes making offensive gestures in ride photos, and being rude to cast members.

6. Public Drunkenness

Alcohol is now served in all Walt Disney World theme parks, including Magic Kingdom.  Guests can sit back with an alcoholic beverage at table service restaurants around the parks, grab a drink from a street cart, or drink around the world.  Just remember to drink responsibly on Disney property, because getting too drunk at a Disney park can get you in trouble.  Drunk guests who get rowdy, obnoxious or cause problems can be swiftly escorted out.  So remember to balance your drinks around the world with plenty of food around the world!

7. Jumping Out of a Ride

You probably weren’t planning on jumping out of your boat the next time you’re on Pirates of the Caribbean, right?  Good thing, because – unsurprisingly – that’s a great way to get yourself escorted from the park, or even banned for life.  Jumping off a ride tends to be more common on slower moving attractions, like Living with the Land.  But even if you think you can do so safely, don’t be that person – Disney has eyes everywhere, and chances are, it will not end well for you!

8. Scattering Ashes

This one might raise some eyebrows, but it’s true, lots of guests have attempted to scatter the ashes of a loved one somewhere inside Walt Disney World’s parks.  (Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion attraction is especially popular, we hear.)  This practice is, of course, completely prohibited, though guests keep trying to sneak ashes into the parks.  Anyone who gets caught spreading ashes on Disney property can face serious consequences; you could be evicted from the park you’re in, or banned for the rest of your life.

9. Cutting in Line

Line Cutting.  It happens all the time at Walt Disney World, sometimes for good reason (your 3-year-old has been waiting in line for an hour and has to use the restroom), sometimes not so much (a group of 10 arrives from another ride to join the person saving their spot in line).  Wherever you stand on the ethics of line cutting, it is possible to be kicked out of a park for it, depending on whether a cast member sees it, how blatant a guest is while cutting in line, and the reactions of people in line. 

10. Littering

We’ve never seen theme parks more pristine than those at Walt Disney World.  Cast members work hard to keep the grounds clean for guests, which – let’s face it – can’t be an easy task.  So let’s make their jobs a little easier by using the trash cans (after all, Walt made it so that you’re never more than 30 feet from one anywhere in the parks), instead of dropping our trash on the ground.  A cast member might not catch you littering, but a fellow guest who hates to see their favorite place on earth trashed, just might remind you where your litter belongs!

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