10 Most Beautiful Sights At Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

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While Walt Disney World is home to four amazing theme parks, the favorite of many guests is Disney’s Hollywood Studios thanks to its beautiful theming and experiences that make guests feel as though they have traveled to Hollywood and are the stars in their very own on screen adventures. While the park is currently undergoing many changes with the additions of Toy Story Land, Star Wars Land, and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, there is still plenty to see and enjoy throughout the park. While everywhere in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is perfectly themed and beautiful, there are some sights that are simply so incredible that they make guests stop to appreciate them. From visually beautiful sights to others that can make guests happy for other reasons, there are plenty of amazing things to see in the park. Here are the ten most beautiful sights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


1. View From The Top

One of the most popular attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror which brings guests into the eerie Hollywood Tower Hotel. The attraction has guests board an abandoned service elevator and find themselves at the mercy of the tower as they enjoy a randomized drop sequence. At one point during the drop sequence, guests reach the very top of the tower and pause at a large window looking out over all of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This beautiful view offers glimpses of favorite areas of the park including a special glimpse into the construction of Star Wars Land.

2. No Wait For Slinky Dog Dash

The newest area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Land where guests can explore Andy’s backyard and enjoy different attractions and sights. The most popular of the attractions in the area is Slinky Dog Dash which invites guests to board the favorite toy and coast along a track built by Andy himself. Since Slinky Dog Dash is so popular, it tends to have lengthy wait times, making a short wait time one of the most beautiful sights to see in the park!

3. Chinese Theater

When guests enter into Disney’s Hollywood Studios they are on Hollywood Boulevard surrounded by the beautiful architecture and style of the golden age of Hollywood. As they move down the street, they approach a gorgeous replica of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The building used to house the Great Movie Ride and is currently being renovated for the new attraction Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, but the exterior is untouched. With beautiful art décor details and unique architecture, it is a wonderful sight to explore!


4. Rebel Spy

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the ultimate destination for guests who are fans of the Star Wars universe. In addition to entertainment and character meet and greets, guests can ride Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. The attraction has guests board a routine flight that soon takes a thrilling turn when a Rebel Spy is discovered on board. One lucky guest on each ride gets to be the Rebel Spy, and seeing their face up on the screen as part of the adventure is a wonderful memory!

5. Fantasmic! Finale

Most nights in Disney’s Hollywood Studios end with a showing of the spectacular Fantasmic! The show brings guests into Mickey’s imagination where he is battling evil and the adventure is brought to life through characters, music, fireworks, pyrotechnics, special effects, and more. While the entire show is wonderful, the finale features a special moment where Mickey brings magic to life and it is a must see moment.

6. Sunset Boulevard

A popular area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Sunset Boulevard partly because it is home to both The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. In addition to the two attractions, Sunset Boulevard features beautiful architecture, neon signs, and swaying palm trees that transport guests back to Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s. With so many beautiful sights and details to take in, guests should definitely take their time and explore all that Sunset Boulevard has to offer.

7. Echo Lake

Another area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios that guests will love spending time in is Echo Lake. While there are popular live shows like the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! nearby, Echo Lake itself is worth stopping to enjoy for a few moments. The lake itself is home to Gertie the dinosaur who serenely looks out at guests as well as several quick service dining options. A great way to spend a few minutes relaxing in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is simply enjoying the breeze and beautiful views of Echo Lake.

8. Toy Story Land At Night

Disney’s Hollywood Studios takes on a whole new feel once the sun sets and the beautiful lighting comes to life. While some areas of the park are illuminated with neon signs reminiscent of old Hollywood, Toy Story Land takes on a beautiful atmosphere with its own special lighting. Strung bulb lights and unique fixtures made of interesting toys bring a colorful glow to the area that guests are sure to love.

9. BaseLine Tap House

A new dining option that guests can enjoy is located in the Grand Avenue area of the park. BaseLine Tap House is a charming brick location that serves up California wines and beers on tap as well as delicious food options that are great to share. Guests will love sipping and eat wonderful options while people watching and enjoying the sights from BaseLine Tap House’s charming outdoor patio.

10. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

A full service dining location in Disney’s Hollywood Studios allows guests to step back in time and enjoy a full scale drive in theater. The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant features a nighttime atmosphere where guests can dine in classic cars facing a large movie screen. The combination of delicious food and vintage sci-fi clips brings to life a wonderful atmosphere that guests will absolutely love in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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