10 Tips For The Best Day Ever at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

A favorite Disney park of many, Animal Kingdom is a wonderful place to spend any day. With plenty of awesome animals to see, thrilling rides to experience, high quality shows to enjoy, and top-notch food to eat, you’ll never be bored in this incredible park. Obviously, spending the day in Animal Kingdom is sure to be magical. That said, there are some things you can do to make sure it is absolutely the best day ever. Considering that’s what we all want out of our Disney time, going out of your way to do these things is definitely recommended. Luckily, none of these things is hard, and most are downright fun.


1. FastPass the Pandora Rides

One of the very best parts of Animal Kingdom is the magical land of Pandora. Seriously, this awesome new area simply cannot be missed. Unfortunately, everyone agrees with this point, and that means the two rides located in this land always have long queues. For this reason, we highly recommend getting a FastPass for one (both are on Tier 1) of the Pandora rides.

2. Slow Down and See the Animals

Many people are so busy rushing from ride to ride in Animal Kingdom that they forget there are actually animals there. Slow down, walk the trails, and make a point of seeing the animals. The habitats are awesome and the Cast Members you find along the way are quite knowledgeable.

3. Make Reservations at Tusker House

There are several good eateries in Animal Kingdom. That said, we think Tusker House is your best bet when it comes to table-service food. Make a reservation ahead of time to dine here in the heat of the afternoon. You’ll be happy to get out of the sun, and the food and characters are awesome.


4. See the Shows

Besides the animals, you’ll also want to make sure to see the amazing shows in this park. With so many rides to ride, it may be tempting to skip the shows, but trust us when we say they are worth taking time out for. “Finding Nemo the Musical” is a true, Broadway-caliber production, and “Festival of the Lion King” features talent unlike any other. Make sure to see both during your time in Animal Kingdom.

5. Hydrate Often

Florida is a hot and sunny place, and because so few attractions in Animal Kingdom are indoors, it’s especially easy to become overheated and dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to hydrate often. Any quick-service restaurant will be happy to give you a cup of water, and you’ll be happy you took the time to keep your body healthy so you can continue having a blast.

6. Enjoy a Meal at Flame Tree

When dinner time rolls around, you’ll want to scoot on over to Flame Tree Barbecue. This eatery may be a quick-service restaurant on paper, but the food and service are about on par with a table-service place. The pulled pork is simply amazing, and the ribs are actually quite good as well. Best of all, the prices are just perfect.

7. Watch Out for Meet-and-Greets

Animal Kingdom is home to several unusual character meet-and-greets. These include characters such as Russell and Dug from Up!, Pocahontas, Timon and Rafiki. Be sure to keep an eye out for these friends so you can gather their photos and autographs.

8. Indulge in Pongu Lumpia

One of our favorite Animal Kingdom treats is the awesome Pongu Lumpia found at Pongu Pongu in Pandora. This delicious spring roll-like dessert is filled with a cream cheese and pineapple mixture that results in something truly indulgent and unique.

9. Take Advantage of the Single Rider Line

If you don’t mind riding alone, you can enjoy Expedition Everest again and again with very little wait by taking advantage of the single rider line. In fact, we recommend using your FastPass options on other rides since it’s so easy to get onto this coaster using this hidden queue.

10. Stay Out Late

Lastly, you will absolutely want to stay out late when visiting Animal Kingdom. There are several things to see at night that cannot be seen during the day, and all are well worth staying up for. To begin with, each night when the sun goes down, the plants in Pandora light up to create a bioluminescent wonderland that can’t be missed. Meanwhile, the Tree of Life in the middle of the park comes alive with an awesome show. Finally, the entire night comes to a close with the “Rivers of Light” show out on the water.

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