15 Must-Do’s at Walt Disney World

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A Walt Disney World vacation is a magical experience from start to finish thanks to incredible attractions, entertainment, dining, and more in each of the four Disney Parks. Each park features its own theme that is brought to life through the experiences found there including everything from family-friendly attractions to big thrills for the adventurers. While each Disney Park has plenty of experiences that are wonderful, there are some that are so incredible and popular that they can’t be missed. From the current most popular attractions with the longest wait times to nightly entertainment and quintessential classics, these are the fifteen must-dos in Walt Disney World.


1. It’s A Small World

One of the most classics experiences that guests can enjoy in all of Walt Disney World can be found in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. It’s A Small World is a whimsical boat ride that brings guests through massive rooms each designed to feel like a different country or continent. Each room also features the classic singing dolls in costumes that reflect the cultures of each country and the attraction’s song of the same title can be heard in a multitude of languages. It’s A Small World is a definite classic that can’t be missed on any Walt Disney World vacation.

2. Haunted Mansion

Another classic attraction that guests absolutely love can be found in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. The Haunted Mansion is found in a beautiful manor home where inside nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts wait to materialize and cause eerie effects and happenings. Guests move through the attraction in classic Doom Buggies and find themselves face to face with classics characters like Madame Leota, Constance the Bride, and the hitchhiking ghosts on this wonderful attraction that is a total must do.

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Guests who are looking for thrills in the Magic Kingdom have several mountains to choose from including one found in the heart of Fantasyland. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train whisks guests around in innovative mine trains where each individual cart sways from side to side as it rounds corners. The highlight of the attraction occurs when guests head into the mine and watch as the Dwarfs finish up their work day and start for home singing the classic “Heigh Ho.” The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most popular experiences in the Magic Kingdom and is an excellent choice for a FastPass to save some time.


4. Happily Ever After

Nighttime in the Magic Kingdom brings a wonderful entertainment experience to life on and above Cinderella Castle. Happily Ever After shares the joy of finding a happy ending through special projections on Cinderella Castle perfectly paired with Disney music and beautiful fireworks above. The best viewing locations for Happily Ever After can be found along Main Street, but the fireworks can be seen from many different vantages in the park making it a great way to end any day there.

5. Soarin’ Around the World

Epcot is home to many popular attractions that guests enjoy including Soarin’ Around the World located inside of The Land Pavilion. The attraction emulates a hang gliding experience where guests can dangle their feet over some of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations around the world including the Great Wall of China, Sydney Harbor, the Taj Mahal, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Featuring a beautiful score and realistic touches like wind blowing in their faces, guests are sure to enjoy this must do attraction.

6. Test Track Presented By Chevrolet

Also found in Epcot’s Future World is Test Track Presented by Chevrolet which allow guests to design their very own cars for a totally unique experience. Each SIM car is then uploaded just before boarding and guests can enjoy a series of thrilling tests culminating in a high speed outdoor loop to see how their designs stack up against others. With big thrills and the perfect interactive element, Test Track Presented by Chevrolet is a total must do in Epcot.

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7. Frozen Ever After

A family friendly attraction in Epcot brings the characters and story of the mega popular Frozen to life in the Norway Pavilion. Frozen Ever After has guests set sail to Arendelle where Elsa is hosting a summer festival for all of her guests. Before the summer celebration begins, guests see favorites including Olaf, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven as well as a stunning scene where Elsa can be found belting out her hit “Let It Go” from a balcony in her ice palace. Frozen Ever After is popular with many guest making it a great option for a FastPass.

8. Epcot Forever

With the recent retirement of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, Epcot is now home to a new nighttime spectacular that will run through 2020. Epcot Forever celebrates Epcot’s past through an innovative combination of favorite music, choreographed kites, fireworks, and pyrotechnics, the show can be enjoyed from any location around World Showcase Lagoon. Since Epcot Forever is a limited run, it is definitely a must do for guests who visit Epcot!

9. Oga’s Cantina

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to the mega popular Galaxy’s Edge where guests can opt to join the First Order or the Resistance while exploring the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu. The land itself is immersive with stunning details, and one of the most popular places to enjoy is Oga’s Cantina where guests can sample beverages from throughout the galaxy. Featuring Rex as a DJ, lots of details that bring the backstory to life, and delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Oga’s Cantina often fills up quickly with reservations.

10. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Also found in Galaxy’s Edge is an incredible attraction that allows guests to experience one of the most thrilling adventures possible. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run finds guests joining the Resistance and being needed to help on a special mission smuggling important items. Guests soon find themselves inside of the Millennium Falcon and assigned roles including engineer and pilot. With thrilling adventure and the chance to pilot one of the most beloved ships in the Star Wars universe, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is a must do!

11. Slinky Dog Dash

Also found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Land where Woody and the gang come to life as guests shrink down to their size in Andy’s backyard. Slinky Dog Dash is one of the three popular attractions in Toy Story Land where guests can board Slinky himself and rocket down a track that Andy constructed. With twists, turns, and two separate launches, Slinky Dog Dash is a family-friendly attraction with thrills that must be enjoyed!

12. Avatar Flight of Passage

Perhaps the most popular attraction in all of Walt Disney World can be found in the newest area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Avatar Flight of Passage can be found in Pandora – The World of Avatar, where guests can step into the Valley of Mo’ara and feel as though they have traveled across the universe. Avatar Flight of Passage uses technology to link guests to Avatars and experience the rite of passage of flying on the back of a banshee. With incredible technology and special 3D glasses, guests find themselves soaring over the beautiful planet and experiencing an absolute must do in Walt Disney World.

13. Kilimanjaro Safaris

The Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom features the town of Harambe where immersive details, live entertainment, and attractions help to bring the story to life. Kilimanjaro Safaris furthers the adventure by bringing guests on an authentic safari inside of the Harambe Reserve where many animals can be spotted from open air safari vehicles. Guests can encounter animals including lions, cheetahs, elephants, hippos, giraffes, and more on this incredible journey through the savannahs and forests of Africa.

14. Expedition Everest

Guests who are looking to enjoy big thrills in Disney’s Animal Kingdom can head towards the towering mountain range found in the Asia section of the park. Found there is Expedition Everest which brings guests on a shortcut through the mountains to Everest’s basecamp but soon takes a thrilling turn when the Yeti tries to stop their journey. Featuring moments in darkness, a massive drop, and even backwards portions of track, Expedition Everest is an unforgettable attraction that cannot be missed.

15. Rivers of Light

Each night, Disney’s Animal Kingdom features a wonderful show that celebrates the elements of water and light and the beauty and diversity that exist in nature. Rivers of Light features beautiful boats covered in lanterns, floating lotus flowers with both fire and water features, and special projected animation on screens of misted water that depict moments in nature. With visually stunning moments and beautiful music, Rivers of Light is an amazing experience that should be enjoyed on every visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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