6 Reasons We Love The Disney Dining Plan At Walt Disney World

The Disney Dining Plan is definitely a favorite add-on for our family. We love the value that the dining plan adds to our vacation, as well as how simple and easy it is to use.  If you haven’t done the dining plan before, here are our top 6 reasons why we love it so much:


6. There are different dining plan options.

One of the great things about the Disney Dining Plan is that it isn’t just a “one size fits all” type of plan.  There are actually a few different options when it comes to making a selection.  There is the Quick Service Dining Plan which includes 2 quick service entitlements and 2 snack entitlements per person, per night of stay.  Then there is the Disney Dining Plan which includes 1 quick service entitlement, 1 table service entitlement and 2 snack entitlements per person, per night of stay.  The third option is the Deluxe Dining Plan which includes 3 meals which can be quick service or table service and 2 snack entitlements per person per day.  This gives guests options based on their budgets and dining habits so that they get the plan that works the best for them.

5. Specialty Beverages are included.

Specialty beverages are included in Dining Plans. These specialty beverages include signature cocktails and other alcoholic beverages for guests 21 years old and and up. You don’t have to get an alcoholic beverage to enjoy this perk! Disney has non-alcoholic specialty beverages like milkshakes for guests of any age.

4. It creates the all-inclusive vacation feel.

By adding one of the dining plans to your vacation package, this gives you the complete all-inclusive vacation feel.  You get to pre-pay for all of your meals so that you don’t have to tightly manage your food budget.  The food cost can be overwhelming if you don’t plan for it, so it is nice to have it pre-paid and already budgeted in.  You don’t have to stalk the prices on the menu to make your meal decisions either.  You can pick whatever you want to enjoy from the menu without worry about the total costs at the end of the meal.  If you dine at a table service restaurant, you will still have to pay gratuities so you will want to plan for that.

3. There is flexibility with how the entitlements are used.

You receive the entitlements in a total lump amount.  The total entitlements you get are based on the number of nights you are staying.  You are able to use these entitlements as you see fit.  You could even use them all in a single day if you wanted.  This allows you to eat more meals on certain days, fewer meals on other days and/or plan for 2-entitlement meals as you like.  It works the same way for the snack entitlements, too.  You can completely tailor entitlement usage to meet the needs of your party so that you can get the most of your meals.


2. There are snack entitlements with each plan.

We LOVE the snack entitlements.  You can definitely get creative in how you use these.  Many guests like to use snack entitlements to put together meals, too.  This is especially helpful at Epcot where you can snack at the different countries around World Showcase.  The snack entitlements add even more flexibility to your dining experiences so that you can enjoy and sample all of the amazing food at Walt Disney World.  There are so many amazing snacks and treats that you will want to try them all.  Those costs can add up when you pay for them individually.  It is another benefit of the all-inclusive feel that the dining plan gives.

1. Each guest gets rapid-refill resort mugs.

With any of the dining plans, each guest with a paid dining plan also gets a rapid-refill mug included in the plan.  The rapid-refill mugs allow guests to get unlimited refills on sodas and other beverages for their entire stay.  The drink machines are typically located in the quick service location at the resort and the chip in the bottom of the cup allows the refills to work during the length of the stay.  This gives you free beverages during your entire stay so that you don’t have to budget that in.  You can get your morning soda before heading the parks and have unlimited drinks while you spend time at the resort.

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