5 Reasons We Love Fantasmic! At Walt Disney World

There are definitely several reasons to completely fall in love with Fantasmic!  It is an amazing show that is a perfect combination of characters, effects and Disney magic.  If you haven’t seen this one yet, you MUST add this to the itinerary for your next trip.  If you need convincing, here are 5 reasons why we absolutely love Fantasmic!:

5. It is a seated show.

This may sound petty, but after you have been walking around the parks all day you will be so grateful to have a seat and enjoy the show. This show is a bit lengthier than the other evening shows at Walt Disney World, so a seat is very welcomed.  Not only that, they start seating guest about 45 minutes to an hour before the show, so you can get in early, get snacks and take a break before the show starts.  Sometimes the show does fill to capacity and becomes standing room only.  If there are 2 showings for the evening, then try to go to the second show.  This will help ensure that you get a seat since the second show is typically the least crowded.

4. There is a dinner package option or FastPass+ to help get you in sooner.

If you plan ahead you could book the Fantasmic! Dining Package.  This is where you pre-pay your meal at one of the available restaurants in the package and book a set reservation time, typically lunch or early dinner.  With the package you also get priority seating to the show.  You get to enter through the FastPass+ side and have reserved seating at the center of the theater.  It is a great well to help ensure that you get a great spot and don’t have to rush or worry about not getting a seat.  You can also use one of your FastPass+ selections to enter early ahead of the standby line.  This can save time waiting in line and help you get whatever seat preference that you have.

3. You get to see lots of villains (and other characters).

There are so many villains and characters in the show.  You get to see some of the villains live, and some of them on the big water screens.  You get to see the Evil Queen transform into the hold hag and Maleficent turn into a dragon right before your eyes.  There are also boats and floats that carry characters and performers across the moat that circles the huge mountain.  You also get to see characters like Mickey, Belle and Beast, Snow White and her prince, Ariel and Prince Eric, Pocahontas and John Smith, Governor Ratcliff and a whole cast of characters as part of the big finale.  If you want to get to see characters live, this is a great place to do it.

2. The different effects and music used in the show.

The show takes place in an amphitheater that overlooks a mountain that is surrounded by a huge water moat around it. This show uses a ton of cool effects.  We already talked about the character transformations that happen live on stage, which are impressive all on their own. Then you add in other features like the water projectors, where images and movie clips are projected onto sheets of water that are spraying high into the sky.  There are also fire and fireworks components throughout the show that add to the dynamic performance and leave you glued to the show the entire time.

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1. Sorcerer Mickey (and all of Mickey’s appearances)!

Everyone loves Mickey Mouse!  I don’t want to spoil the ending too much, but when Sorcerer Mickey appears at the top of the mountain during the finale of the show, it is one of the most amazing moments in any Disney show.  You also have appearances by Mickey in his original form with the red shorts, in his tux, as the Brave Little Toaster and as Steamboat Willie.  You get to see the most iconic outfits over the years.  It hits you in the feels with all of the Disney nostalgia and the evolution of this beloved character as you watch him defeat all of the villains who are out to turn Mickey’s dreams into nightmares.  It is seriously fantastic!

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