6 Amazing Guest Services You Might Be Missing At Walt Disney World

Disney is known for its amazing services and the extra mile that they go to in order to ensure guest satisfaction and make each guests’ stay the most comfortable possible. You will want to make sure that you review all of the services and amenities that you have available to you as a park visitor and as a resort guest so that you ensure you take full advantage of these amazing perks. Here are 6 amazing guest services you might be missing, and you don’t want to:


6. Car Care Center

Disney can be a long drive for some, so maybe you need a service, or in a more severe scenario you have car trouble while on vacation. Fortunately, Disney has their Car Care Center which can complete service and repairs and provide a roadside assistance where needed. There will be charges for services rendered, so be sure to check on pricing. The Car Care Center has shuttle service from their location to take you to the Ticket and Transportation Center so you can get back to your resort or enjoy time in the parks while your car is being worked on. Hopefully you never have to use these services for an emergency situation, but it is very comforting to know that they are there when you need them.

5. Baby Care Centers

Traveling with babies and small children can be difficult, but not at Disney. There is a baby care center located in each of the 4 major Disney theme parks. In these centers you will find nursing rooms, rocking chairs, microwaves, TV room with a place to rest, high chairs, etc. These locations also have supplies like diapers, formula, etc. available for purchase in the event that you run out and have a need. If you are traveling with a baby or toddler, make sure you know where these locations are, as they provide a very comfortable place to help meet the needs of your children, and even give you a quiet place to give them a break if needed. These locations are also where cast members will take a child if they should become lost.

4. Magical Express

The Magical Express is an amazing service for resort guests who are traveling by plane. You provide your travel itinerary with Disney, and they will mail you the Magical Express documents that you need for your trip. In these documents will be luggage tags for each member of your party as well as a booklet with times and vouchers. You will need to place the tags on your luggage, per the instructions included, so that they will be able to retrieve your luggage for you from baggage claim. Make sure you keep the booklet and your Magic Bands with you in your carry-on luggage so that you can be sure you are able to board the bus. Once you arrive at the airport, you just head to the Magical Express location of the resort. The cast members will help get you in the right queue to go to your resort and the bus will pick you up. On board the bus, you will receive a little bit of on-board entertainment in the form of a video that highlights the experiences that you can receive on your vacation and cartoons with your favorite characters. Magical Express will also provide return service to the airport at the end of your stay. (This portion is affectionately dubbed by fans as the “Tragical Express” since no one wants to leave Disney!)


3. Save Room and Ship Items

Do you have things you want to bring for a special celebration or birthday, or maybe you don’t want to have to use packing room with baby supplies, waters and soda, or other supplies you need? You can actually ship items to your hotel to be there when you arrive. You will need to make sure that you have your name and GUEST, as well as the room number and arrival information on the package if possible. You will also want to time this as close to the start of your stay as possible, preferably the day you arrive. If you send it too early, your package could be returned. This can free up a lot of package room, and using services like Amazon, Target, etc. where you can receive free shipping depending on your member status or amount you spend, can make this even more convenient and affordable for you. If you end up having the opposite problem, and have too much to take home with you, ask your resort about shipping services. There are resorts with shipping centers and can help you package up items to send them back home. There is a charge for this service, but at least you can get everything home! Sorry, but they won’t send Mickey or Cinderella Castle back for you! Keep in mind there is usually a charge per day for holding your items but it is typically minimal such as a $5 daily fee.

2. Resort Airline Check-In

This is definitely one of my favorite services when flying for travel to WDW. When you provide your flight information in your itinerary plans, Disney will review and determine if you can participate in this service. Your flight must be on one of the participating airlines listed below. If you are eligible, you will receive an envelope on your door with details on the service and what next steps you need to complete. If possible, Disney will print your boarding passes for you and they will be in the envelope. You take your baggage to the location in your resort (pay attention to times as TSA will only be there for a set time each day) and it will be weighed and checked with the same process that you would follow at the airport. Then you can enjoy what is left in your day and not have to worry about checking in at the airport or hauling anything but your carry-on luggage with you (which can be checked with the bell hop stand until you are ready to leave).

1. Package Delivery

This is our FAVORITE service and one that we always take full advantage of when we visit. When you make merchandise purchases and don’t want to carry them with you in the parks, you have two options. You can send your packages to the front of the park to Package Pick-Up or if you are staying at a Disney resort, you can have them sent to the gift shop at your resort. If you opt to use Package Pick-Up, you will need to make sure that you are staying in the park for at least the next 3 hours since it can take up to that amount of time for the package to make its way to the front. For that reason you won’t be offered that particular service close to the closure of the park so you will want to make your purchases early in the day to work the system and not carry packages with you. For resort delivery, you just can’t be checking out the next day. It can take a day for the packages to make their way to your resort, so they use that as the cut off to make sure that you don’t miss your packages. To get the best use of this particular service, buy purchases earlier in your trip so you make sure you can take full advantage. You can also keep some of the items you purchase with you and send the others, just let the cast member know when you make the purchase.

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