6 Things You Should Not Take Into A Walt Disney World Park

Credit: Disney Tips

Disney is pretty accommodating to guest needs and requests, but there are some things that just aren’t allowed to be brought into the parks, for good reason. Guest safety is of the utmost importance to Disney, and should be given the same level of importance for the rest of us. It only takes one bad decision cause an injury or severe situation. With so many people in the parks, we all have a responsibility to understand the rules, and particularly the items that should never be brought to a Disney park. Here are 6 items that Disney won’t allow into the parks and you should just leave at home!


1. Weapons:

Anything that should be considered a weapon is an obvious bad idea. No guns, knives, mace, etc. This one is probably pretty obvious and goes without saying, but to err on the side of caution and safety, we still have to say it. There is no need to have these items at a Disney Park and fortunately for the rest of us, security will not allow you to enter with the items. If you try, you are likely to be pulled aside and asked a series of questions, too.

2. Skateboards, Wagons, Skates, Shoes w/ Built-in Wheels:

I am quite thankful for this rule. I can only imagine the inattentive youngsters that would be wheeling all over and collide with different guests and small children who are trying to move about the parks. The cast members will stop any guest who tries to break this rule, and if easily detectible, these items won’t be allowed through security. The only things on wheels that are allowed are strollers, wheel chairs and motorized wheel chairs. Depending on the driver, these can be dangerous enough!

3. Folding Chairs:

I know it is tempting to bring camp chairs to sit and wait for parades and fireworks instead of standing or finding a seat along the sidewalk, but this just isn’t allowed. If the walkways were filled with chairs, this would present safety hazards for everyone. There would be more potential to trip, traffic is blocked more, they would take up space otherwise needed for strollers while the owner is on a ride, etc. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea, so just don’t do it!

4. Pets:

Service pets are allowed into the parks, but personal pets are not. Don’t think you will be able to get by with bringing a small dog or pet in a bag or another kind of portable transport. Cast members are watching for any signs of unauthorized animals and will ask you to leave the park.


5. Glass Containers:

This rule does exclude baby food, as well as perfume (since you can purchase this at Epcot). Glass has the high potential to break and create dangerous situations for yourself and other guests. You will want to ensure that any items you bring into the park are not made of glass. Security will inspect for this upon entry into the park and will not let you in with the items.

6. Large Coolers:

According to Disney’s website, coolers larger than 24″ (61 cm) long x 15″ (38 cm) wide x 18″ (46 cm) high for coolers with or without wheels, are not permitted inside the parks. These same dimensions and rules also apply to suitcases, backpacks or any other bag that you may try to bring in. Remember that coolers and bags smaller than this will still be inspected before you are allowed to enter the park, so make sure that you follow inspection protocols.

The good news is that you shouldn’t need most of these items to have a great day at Disney! Disney has these rules in place so that we can ensure that the parks stay a safe environment for everyone. If you question if something is acceptable to bring to the parks, it is likely not, but always feel free to ask a cast member, especially security or guest relations.

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