7 Hidden Secrets In The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror At Walt Disney World

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One of the most beloved and eerie attractions in Walt Disney World is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Inspired by the classic television series The Twilight Zone, guests are brought into the attraction and invited to star in their very own episode. Housed in the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel, the attraction immediately conveys to guests that something sinister happened there many years ago. Guests soon learn that a group of people were struck by lightning on one of the elevators and sent directly to The Twilight Zone. Those who are brave enough to continue soon find themselves aboard a service elevator which seems to be in control and heading directly to The Twilight Zone. Many guests love this attraction not only for its thrills but also the incredible level of detail. Amongst all of the details are also some amazing hidden secrets which guests can discover and enjoy. Here are seven hidden secrets in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World.


7. An Antique Doll –

In the pre-show video shown in the library, guests are introduced to the five unlucky souls who found themselves on the fateful elevator ride. One of the five individuals is a little girl who enters the elevator with her nanny. Guests who look closely will notice that the girl is actually clutching a vintage plush Mickey Mouse. The story goes that the evil event happened on Halloween in 1939 and the doll is one of the first plush versions of Mickey Mouse ever produced in the 1930s. After boarding the service elevator, guests find themselves face to face with the spirits of the five individuals and can spot the Mickey Mouse plush again in the girl’s grip.

6. A Unique Narration –

Fans of The Twilight Zone television series know that Rod Serling appeared in each episode to provide a narration. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is no different and Serling can be found in the pre-show video in the library telling guests about their episode that is to come. Unfortunately Rod Serling died in the 1970s, making it impossible for him to record a brand new narration for the attraction, so Imagineers had to get creative. Imagineers looked back at episodes of the series and used Serling’s narration from the episode “A Good Life” combined with edits and a voice impersonator to create the narration that guests hear today.

5. A Prestigious Award –

The most detailed scene from the entire attraction is the lobby which guests first enter into before heading to the library for the pre-show. It is easy to see that the hotel was abandoned in a hurry since there are many items left behind. Everything is coated in cobwebs and looks as though it hasn’t been disturbed in many years. As guests move closer towards the front desk, they pass by an award from AAA which has a sinister twist. The Hollywood Tower Hotel was presented the 13 Diamond Award from AAA for excellence, but it hints at something sinister since the regular award only goes to five diamonds!

4. An Abandoned Game –

One of the most intricate details which tells a story in the lobby is a table set up with a game of Mahjong that looks like it was abandoned in a hurry. To make the game seem as realistic as possible, Imagineers brought in professional Mahjong players, had them play for a certain amount of time, and then simply walk away after a timer went off. This ensured that the game would be as authentic as possible and truly appear as though it was left suddenly.


3. Broken Glasses –

A great detail in the lobby pays tribute to a favorite episode from The Twilight Zone television series. Guests can spot a pair of broken glasses sitting on a table in the lobby. Those who are familiar with the television series know that the glasses are from the episode “Time Enough At Last” in which the main character finds himself alone in the world finally with enough time to enjoy all of the books he has wanted to read. Unfortunately, he soon accidently breaks his glasses, leaving him effectively blind and unable to read let alone see.

2. A Silent Instrument –

Another great prop and detail which pays tribute to an episode of the television series can be found in the library. Guests can spot a trumpet accompanied by sheet music which references an episode titled “A Passage for Trumpet” in which the main character sells his trumpet after feeling as though he has accomplished nothing in life. The character then commits suicide and ends up in limbo where he must ultimately make the decision between returning to life or death. Fans of the series will love spotting the trumpet resting silently in the library!

1. A Historic Date –

A great detail found inside each elevator pays tribute not only to the history of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror but also provides a little foreshadowing to guests of the adventure to come. After being seated inside the service elevator, guests should look for a safety inspection certificate which is dated the night that the five guests went missing into The Twilight Zone! In addition, the number on the safety certificate is 10259 which references the date October 2, 1959 when the very first episode of The Twilight Zone aired on television.

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