7 Things Insiders Love About Shopping At Walt Disney World

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Hi, I’m Christy, and I’m a shop-a-holic. Yes, so I admit it. I can’t get enough of shopping, especially for Disney merchandise. I collect so many things and just love all of the merchandise, so spending time looking around the gift shops is a favorite experience for me while on property. I am sure this is the case for many of your out there. Even if you aren’t a crazy shopping person, there are many reasons why you may love shopping while at Disney. Here are 7 things Walt Disney World insiders love about shopping at Disney:


7. Delivery options

When you shop in the parks you have a variety of delivery options to get your packages home. For no charge, you can send them to the front of the park so that you don’t have to carry them with you as you continue on through your day. Also for no charge, if you are staying on property, you can send them to your resort so that they will be waiting at your resort gift shop for you and you won’t have to haul them on the bus or through the parks with you. You can also opt to have them shipped directly to your home so that you won’t have to worry about them making it safely. There are charges associated with this, but if anything breaks in transit, Disney will replace it, so if you are buying something of high value, this is a great option for you to make sure you get everything home in one piece.

6. Limited edition items

There are various limited edition items like Magic Bands, pins, etc. that can only be purchased within the parks. Many Disney Insiders watch for these items and like to buy them as true fans of all things Disney. You can keep up with these items on the Disney Parks Blog and various other articles and blogs that give highlights and overviews of new merchandise and which merchandise is limited. Don’t miss out!

5. Event exclusive items

There are events like the Food & Wine Festival, Flower & Garden Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, etc. that are events and happenings in the parks that also have exclusive merchandise associated with them. You can only buy this merchandise when the event is occurring and many of us Disney Insiders like to collect this merchandise and check out the new merchandise and designs from year to year as the events are put on. You should note that some of these events require an additional ticket that is above and beyond the cost of general park admission, so you will want to pay attention to that.

4. Addition to collections

Many of us crazy Disney Insiders are also collectors. I, personally, collect Disney snow globes, Mickey Ears, ornaments, pins, Christmas merchandise, Haunted Mansion stuff, Donald Duck…. and the list could keep going on and on. A lot of my shopping to continue to add to my collections and buy things that complement all of my home décor and bookcases. If you haven’t started a collection, you should consider that since it does make the hunt during shopping really fun, and makes it even more exciting when you find something new and perfect for your collection.


3. Disney Springs

Disney Springs has always been a fun place to go and shop with amazing stores like World of Disney where you can get lost for hours shopping. The imagineers are actively working to add more and more shopping experiences and locations for us to enjoy. This gives us more Disney and non-Disney places to shop while we are on property for those of us that just love to shop to we drop. We can expect to find a lot more niche places and locations that will round out the entire Disney experience. My favorite store in Disney Springs will likely continue to always be the Christmas store since I can never seem to get enough of Christmas décor. A close second would have to be the amazing Coca-Cola store!

2. Shop Disney Parks app

Crazy Disney shoppers like me helped result in Disney creating the Shop Disney Parks application for mobile! This enables us to search inventory and see what products are available, the quantities and see what stores you can buy them in. You can also order from the application if you aren’t on property (for some merchandise) so that you can have it shipped to you without even having to enter the parks. This is huge for many people that may not be able to make it into the park, but are looking for something specific. It is also a great way to check the inventory and location before you make a long trek to the back of the park for something that may not even be at that particular location. We all know that has happened to us a time or two and was definitely a frustrating experience.

1. Add-on deals

When shopping in Disney World, there are always various add-on deals that we can’t get enough of. It may be a tote bag for $19.95 if you purchase $50 worth of merchandise or something like that. The merchandise is exclusive and can only be purchased under these circumstances and are usually of high quality. I just took advantage of the Christmas tote bag deal and I the tote is extremely sturdy and much larger than I expected. I use it as much as possible, and am so glad that I was able to get it as an add-on deal. Be sure to check for the signs around the stores so you don’t miss out on towels, blankets, bags, etc. that you may be interested in.

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