7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love About Table Service Dining

We are big time Disney foodies. We are a big fan of table service dining and are working to try every single table service restaurant on property! There are so many choices, plus we have so many that we LOVE, so it is a difficult challenge, but we are up for it! Here are 7 things that Disney World insiders love about table service dining:


7. Character dining

The character dining locations continue to be the most difficult to get into without advanced reservations. We have figured out that this is one of the best and most magical ways to interact with our favorite characters. They come right to your table while you enjoy and amazing meal in an amazing atmosphere. It’s no wonder that these experiences remain so popular and a great way to keep the magic going even when you take a break to rest your feet and refuel!

6. Unique dining experiences

Disney table service dining locations can’t be compared to any other restaurant. The menus, locations and themes are unique and exclusive to Walt Disney World. There is a wide variety of experiences to have. You can go back to the 1950’s and enjoy a drive-in move and dine from your car, you can dine among the fish, sharks, turtles etc. at The Seas, you can even dine inside castles that are perfect replicas from their respective movies… it goes on and on. There are over 100 table service restaurants, which give you a ton of options to enjoy when you are on property.

5. Amazing service and food

Disney cast members are a huge part of a Disney vacation. They go above and beyond to ensure that guests are well taken care of and have the best experiences possible. This is especially true at the table service dining. The cast members take extra care to make the meal special and provide some of the best service that you will receive during a dining experience. The food is also absolutely delicious and given the same care from the amazing chefs they have. The chefs put a lot of care and work into their menus and ensuring that the meals are perfect!

4. Perfectly themed restaurants

I can’t get enough of the table service restaurants. They become almost like attractions all on their own. The themes and stories of the restaurant create a true experience, not just a place to sit and enjoy your meal. These restaurants are just as detailed as many of the attractions on property with careful planning and effort put into all of the little aspects that tie the restaurant into a cohesive, theme and experience. This allows us to build emotional connections and attachments to these restaurants that keep us coming back time and time again.


3. Special diets and food allergies are handled with care

If you have a food allergy or have to follow a special diet, then have no fear! I understand how difficult it can be to eat out at other restaurants and feel safe and confident that care is being put into the food preparation to keep you and/or your loved ones safe. There are various ways to ensure that the meal is exactly as it should be. You can add these requirements to your reservation at the time of booking. You can also email the special diets team and provide a completed form that includes what dietary limitations the guest has, along with likes and dislikes to help create menu items. Then when you arrive at the restaurant, the chef will actually come out to your table to speak to the guest and ensure that their meal is prepared with the greatest of care and to their liking. It is amazing the lengths that Disney goes to in order to accommodate these requests. They take this very seriously.

2. Super convenient

We don’t want to lose a single Disney second, and prefer to sit down and take a rest to enjoy a delicious meal. The table service locations are perfect for this. There are many options right on Disney property and even within the parks, so that you don’t have to leave property or coordinate transportation to leave and go find somewhere to eat. You have tons of options at your fingertips that give you a delicious meal and then get you right back out and enjoying the parks and everything else that Disney has to offer.

1. Enhances the Disney magic and experience

Table service dining really does complement the Disney experience. You never have to leave Disney property and get to remain surrounded by all that Disney has to offer. The dining experiences become part of your memories and part of what you want to experience when you come back time and time again. This is the reason that so many guests are online right at the 180-day mark booking their dining for their favorite restaurants. The restaurants become almost as magical and desired as rides, shows, etc. during your vacation. It is amazing that even Disney restaurants build this level of comfort and joy for us.

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