8 Characters That Used to Be at Walt Disney World But No Longer Are

Credit: Disney

For all the lovable Disney characters we can meet at Walt Disney World, there are many who once graced the parks with their presence that haven’t been seen in a long time. We didn’t even notice a few of them when they left the parks, but there are others that we wish we could visit with—just one more time! Here are 8 beloved Disney characters once available to meet Guests in the parks but who are no longer at Disney World. Which one do you miss the most?


8. Duffy the Disney Bear

Duffy is Disney’s version of a lovable teddy bear. He and his friends, Shellie May, Gelatoni, Stella Lou, Cookie and ‘Olu are much more popular at Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and at Shanghai Disneyland Resort, but Guests used to be able to meet Duffy at Epcot. Sadly, we haven’t really seen him at Disney World since 2015. Where did you go Duffy?

7. Orange Bird

Can you believe it? Once upon a time, Guests could meet the Orange Bird who was created in 1970 as the mascot for the Florida Citrus Commission—the sponsor of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Magic Kingdom. He used to make his way though Adventureland, but in 1987 that ended, thanks to the end of the partnership between Disney World and the Florida Citrus Commission.

6. Dreamfinder with Figment

If you love even the taste of the classic Disney World of yesteryear, you’ll remember—either from experience or from researching it—that Figment used to have a very different partner than he does today at Epcot. We aren’t hating on Dr. Nigel Channing, but the original Figment-Dreamfinder duo was a staple of many of our childhood memories at Disney World. Dreamfinder had a red beard and wore a black top hat all the time. He was part of the original “Journey Into Imagination” attraction at Epcot from 1983 to 1998. It was Dreamfinder’s job to collect dreams, and he was responsible for creating Figment, the lovable, huggable purple dragon we know today. Guests could meet the imaginative duo once upon a time, but after the attraction was re-imagined minus Dreamfinder, our dreams were crushed as we could no longer say hello to them at Epcot.


5. Darkwing Duck

If you’re a 90s kid, you’ll remember Darkwing Duck, as he was a big player in afternoon Disney cartoons back then. The cartoon series featured Darkwing Duck, his daughter and Launchpad McQuack from Disney’s “DuckTales.” Darkwing Duck used to stroll through the park near Mickey’s ToonTown Fair, but alas, he hasn’t been seen in the parks in years!

4. Hercules

It’s true. Did you know that it used to be possible to see Hercules, the hero demigod and Meg’s main squeeze, at the parks? Once upon a time, Guests could meet Hercules, but it’s been so long since we’ve seen him as a regular at Disney World, that we almost can’t remember what he looked like! If you’re lucky enough to see him these days, it’s surely at a special one-time event, but there’s no talk as of right now about bringing him back permanently to the parks.

3. Bullseye

This is another character that we think Disney ought to invite back to the parks. Who wouldn’t love meeting Jessie’s sidekick from the “Toy Story” franchise? He used to be in the parks at Disney World, but hasn’t been in quite a while. Wouldn’t he be the perfect addition to Toy Story Land, especially now that Jessie has her own meet-and-greet apart from Woody, who now meets Guests with Bo Peep in front of Toy Story Mania? At least Jessie wouldn’t be alone!

2. Jiminy Cricket

Yes, we know that lucky Guests can occasionally see Jiminy Cricket once in a blue moon for Earth Day celebrations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But he used to be a staple in the parks. Once 2011 rolled around, we no longer saw the friendly Official Conscience roaming the parks. We are thankful, though, that he takes part in the Festival of Fantasy parade in the afternoons at Magic Kingdom!

1. Mushu

Poor Mushu—an unsung hero, if you ask us. He was tiny in stature but large than life in many ways. He played a big role in the story of “Mulan,” and Guests used to be able to meet him, pose for photos and get his autograph. That was a while back, however, and today, not only can you not meet him in the parks at Disney World, but the new live-action remake of “Mulan” in the works at Disney doesn’t include him either. Again, poor Mushu.

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