8 Facts & Secrets About Disney Princess Meet & Greets

Meeting their favorite Disney princess is a favorite moment for so many girls of all ages.  We grew up with our favorite princess and it is a truly magical moment to get to actually talk to her and carry on a conversation.  There is a lot that goes into meeting these princesses and a lot of preparation.  Here are 8 fun facts and secrets about Disney princess meet and greets:


8. You must look the part in order to be a Disney Princess.

This doesn’t mean that you have to look exactly like Ariel in order to be selected, but there are various physical characteristics that are considered in order to move forward in the selection process.  A thin, slender build is required for all of them.  There are also height requirements depending on which princess you are portraying, and they usually range from 5’3 to 5’7.  The individuals running the selection teams will line the groups of girls up and walk through looking at their faces and build in order to determine who has the face structure, look and body to be selected as a particular Disney princess. A lot of girls are cut in this round and can’t progress on to get to the dress and slippers part.

7. The princesses do their own makeup.

I know that I always assumed that there was a makeup crew that handled getting each princess ready to go out and meet with guests.  They actually do their own makeup.  During their training to be a certain princess, they also learn how to do their makeup to meet the consistent standards.  The makeup is supplied by Disney as part of their costume, and they get their makeup on and wig in place before getting into their dress and costume.

6. Princesses aren’t allowed to sing.

Almost all of the princesses do sing in their movies, but they aren’t allowed to sing when they meet you in person.  The princesses that you meet in the parks aren’t singing performers (at least not officially) so they aren’t authorized to sing for or with guests since they haven’t been trained to perform and sound exactly as the character would when they sing.  It is all about preserving the Disney magic and the brand for the particular princess.

5. Each princess was a “fur” character first.

Before princesses get to put on their wig and tiara, they first have to perform as a character like Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Pluto, etc.  The fur character selection is also dependent on their height, but part of their training is to perform as one of these covered face characters first before they are turned lose as a princess.  They first train in these character roles and then once they have successfully completed that, they get to begin training as princesses.

4. They must audition again every 6 months.

So the princess landed her dream job, so all is perfect forever right?  Wrong!  They actually have to audition again every 6 months and go through the process to determine that they still fit the Disney look for the princesses that they portray.  If they have put on weight, appear to be aging that can’t be covered with makeup, etc. then they could be cut and no longer be allowed to be a princess anymore.  Talk about pressure!

3. Princesses make more than other characters.

The princesses and other “face characters” make an extra $3+ than their “fur” counterparts.  These characters get a little bit more of a premium due to the fact that they have much more pressure to maintain their role.  They also have to know every single thing about their character and are prepared to think quickly on their feet.  It can come with a lot of pressure.


2. They get hit on, and receive awkward comments.

Believe it or not, the princesses actually get hit on by various guests.  I am sure that this can get rather uncomfortable for them to have to be graceful and elegant as some sleazy dad is making inappropriate comments when their wife and kids aren’t paying attention.  Their handler will help them if a situation got out of control, but the princesses have a few standard remarks that keep them in character and help diffuse the situation.

1. They must be prepared to answer questions and carry conversations in character.

They must know their “movie” from front to back.  They have to know every single detail about the princess that they portray so that they are prepared to answer any question or comment that could be thrown at them and stay in character.  It wouldn’t be very realistic if a little girl asked Rapunzel where Pascal is and her response was, “who is that?”  So they have to be well versed and quick to response to keep the magic alive.

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