8 Facts & Secrets About Be Our Guest Restaurant At Walt Disney World

Be Our Guest still remains one of the most popular restaurants in Walt Disney World where it is still extremely difficult to get dining reservations for desired times and dates. There is definitely a reason that this location continues to remain so popular! The food, the service, the atmosphere, etc. Here are 8 facts and secrets that you may not know about dining at Be Our Guest:

8. Breakfast and Lunch are actually a quick-service meal

You will notice that you can make reservations for all services at the restaurant, but breakfast and lunch are actually quick service meals. When you check in, you will go and find your table and the food will be brought to you to your table. You will be able to get your on drinks, silverware, napkins, etc. If you use the My Disney Experience App from your phone, you can even place your order before you arrive so that you won’t have to wait in line to place your order at the restaurant. It’s OK if you don’t, since you can just get in that line after you check in and it will still be brought to your table. There are no reserved tables during breakfast and lunch, so you have to find a spot that works for your party.

7. The Beast only greets guests at dinner.

If you are interested in meeting the Beast, then you definitely want to make sure that you snag one of the dinner reservations. Dinner is the only service where the Beast comes out and greets the guests and meets with them during the meal. He doesn’t come around table to table, though. You will have to go and wait in line to see him in his study, which is nice since you can time the experience when you want to during your meal. It is also helpful for kids that may be frightened by him since he is so tall and can be scary to some of the smaller guests.

6. There are three different dining rooms.

Many guests may have seen pictures of the ballroom with the amazing windows and the perfectly painted ceiling with the child-like angels that is a perfect replica of the ballroom from the movie. There are actually a total of three dining rooms at the restaurant including the ballroom. The other two are the Castle Gallery and the West Wing. Each are also perfectly detailed and themed to match areas of the castle within the movie so that you can get a unique view and experience no matter where you sit when you dine at the restaurant. Our favorite spot is still in the ballroom, so hopefully you get to experience that at least once.

5. You can order alcohol.

Yes, you read that right! Alcohol! The Magic Kingdom used to be a booze-free zone where you can’t have any kind of alcohol. The imagineers and planners determined that since this restaurant is French-themed, it would be customary to serve wine and other drinks with dinner. So guests that dine there for dinner are allowed to order drinks. This policy has expanded to even more parts of the park as well.

4. Try the “grey stuff”! It’s delicious!

So if you have seen the movie, you are very familiar with the popular “grey stuff” from the “Be Our Guest” song that Lumiere sings. At Be Our Guest you have the opportunity to sample this treat from the dessert cart that comes around to each table at the end of your meal. You can sample the “grey stuff” on a cupcake during lunch and on a thick brownie-like dessert at dinner. You will definitely want to give this one a try, because…. Well, it’s delicious!

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3. Breakfast addition is great!

That is right! You aren’t just limited to lunch or dinner. There is also breakfast. The breakfast menu is a bit pricey, but is also French inspired with pastries, crepes and other French favorites. It is a delicious meal with great options, and is a great way to experience the restaurant and get a perfectly magical start to your day at the Magic Kingdom.

2. The steak is known as one of the best steaks at Walt Disney World.

We were told by a cast member the last time that we dined there that the steak at the restaurant actually won an award as the best steak on property. I am sure that many fans would have different selections for their personal favorites, especially with actual steakhouses on property, but just know that if steak is your thing, this one is definitely delicious and won’t be a disappointment for you! Pair it with some of the potato leek soup as an appetizer!

1. It looks like it snowing outside.

Pay special attention to the windows at the restaurant. You will notice that there is an effect in the windows that make it appear as if it is snowing. During the popular ballroom scene in the movie, it was snowing outside at the castle, so the imagineers brought that to life for guests so that it helps them to feel as if they are in that moment. The effect is really cool, and really will help you to feel like it is snowing outside in France, rather than in the middle of the heat of Central Florida.

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