8 Favorite Things Found in Africa at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom is a truly awesome park. One of the very best parts of this park is the Africa section. Just like the rest of this incredible park, the Africa section is so well themed, you might swear you’d left the US and arrived on the actual African continent. For this reason, along with the 8 great reasons listed below, you’ll want to be sure to plan to spend plenty of time in this amazing land.


1. Festival of the Lion King

It’s no secret that Disney does entertainment better than most, and this is equally as true for stage shows as it is for movies. In fact, the in-park entertainment at Disney World easily surpasses any other theme park entertainment we’ve ever witnessed. Two of the very best of these shows can actually be found in Animal Kingdom, and one is in Africa itself. “Festival of the Lion King” is a fast-paced, awe-inspiring show that uses a variety of ultra-talented performers to dazzle their audience. It includes favorite music and characters from The Lion King along with tumbling, fire juggling, and some amazing singing and dancing.

2. Burudika

Another great entertainment option in Africa is the Afro-pop band, Burudika. This group is upbeat and provides guests of Animal Kingdom with some amazing dancing opportunities. Best of all, because they’re set up right in the middle of the road, you can enjoy their music while you walk from one attraction to the next. Just be sure to stop for a dance or two along the way!

3. Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from Tamu Tamu Refreshments

For some reason, Animal Kingdom always feels a bit warmer than the other Disney parks. We have yet to figure out exactly why this is, but we have figured out that an ice cream treat is just the thing to make a super hot day more fun. The Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich found only at Africa’s Tamu Tamu is a great option. This delicious sandwich consists of two chocolate cookies, filled with chocolate chips and joined by a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream. We promise you’ll love it, but you will want to eat it quickly so it doesn’t melt away!


4. Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris is one of Animal Kingdom’s premier attractions. It features many of species of animals which can be viewed from the comfort of a Jeep. Each Jeep is driven by a knowledgeable guide who provides fun facts along the way and ensures your safari is as exciting and interesting as possible. You will probably want a camera during this ride, as you might just get a super cool view of an animal or two. That said, don’t drop the camera over the side of the vehicle or you may never see it again.

5. Harambe Market

If all the fun of Africa has you feeling a bit hungry, head to Harambe Market. Here you’ll find a few different food options, all of which are flavorful and delicious. The vegetable curry comes highly recommended, as do the gyros. Of course, if you’re more of a meat eater, you could also pick up and order some of their surprisingly good ribs. After eating at this place, you should be nice and full and ready for round two of your Africa visit.

6. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

What’s next on the schedule? Some animals, of course! After all, you are in Animal Kingdom. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail is the animal trail located in the Africa section. It is a fairly long trek but well worthwhile, as the trail allows you to view a number of different animal species. As you might expect, gorillas are found along this trail. Additionally, you may see a meerkat or a zebra along the way!

7. Mombasa Marketplace

A souvenir to remember the trip by is a must, especially when you have an awesome shopping option such as Mombasa Marketplace. This awesome gift shopping stop carries a number of African imports, including many handmade items. There are some truly unique products found here, making the shop a worthwhile stop for sure.

8. Wilderness Explorer Badges

Lastly, we can’t end this article without talking about the amazing Wilderness Explorer stations found in Africa. You see, throughout Animal Kingdom there are a number of stations where kids can stop to learn about science and nature in a super fun, hands-on way. After going through the short lesson at any given station, the kids are awarded a sticker badge which they can then keep in a book. All of this is free of charge, and can really make exploring the park even more fun. A large number of these stations can be found in Africa, making this the ideal land to spend some time in if you’re looking to earn badges. From a hiking station to a gorilla station, there are tons of awesome spots to learn a little bit extra while visiting Africa.

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