8 Fun Souvenirs from Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World fans young and old are thrilled that Toy Story Land has finally opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Since June 30, 2018, Disney and PIXAR fans have been visiting the fun new 11-acre land dedicated to the story of a boy named Andy and his beloved toys that come to life. It’s such a fun and amazing place, that we Toy Story fans would love to be able to spend days exploring Andy’s backyard, but alas, work, family, life and reality call, and we must answer. But Disney knew we’d love this new place, and they made sure we would have some really fun ways to take a piece of the magic home with us in the form of some creative and unique Toy Story Land souvenirs. Here are 8 of them you’ll want to check out when you visit!


8. Slinky Dog headbands

Move over, Mickey ears! The headpiece of choice for enthusiastic parkgoers exploring Toy Story Land is the new Slinky Dog headband. They are made to look like Slinky is lying across your head—complete with coils and everything! At opening, the headbands were selling like hotcakes for about $25, which doesn’t include any DVC or Passholder discounts.

7. Green Alien Man headband

If you’re more into aliens than Slinky, that’s ok—there’s a headband for you too! For about the same price as the Slinky Dog headband, you can purchase a Green Alien Man headband which features the three eyes of one of the Alien Men. It also lights up!

6. Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers Official trading pins

If you’re into Disney pin trading in the parks, or if you collect them only, you’ll want to snag at least one of each of these pins. The Slinky pin features Slinky, ears up, around the words “Slinky Dog Dash.” The Alien Swirling Saucers pin features a planet of pizza (surely a nod to the beloved Pizza Planet) with a Green Alien Man piloting a swirling saucer ride vehicle and the words “Alien Swirling Saucers.” On Opening Day, each pin was selling for $12.99.


5. Limited Release, Passholder exclusive hinged Toy Story Land official trading pin

This fun Disney trading pin sells for $14.99 before any discounts and features a blue background on the front of the pin with the words “Toy Story Land” spelled out in alphabet blocks and the words, “I played there!” below the blocks. It is hinged and opens to reveal Woody and Jessie on either side of the Toy Story Land logo. This particular pin is a limited release pin only available for purchase by Disney World Annual Passholders.

4. “The Claw” light-up cup

This fun cup with lid features a 3D green alien man on the bottom of the inside of the cup and a likeness of the famous “claw” suspended from the top of the cup. The cup comes with a sturdy plastic straw, and when you press the button on the top of the lid, the cup lights up an alien green color. You can buy the cup empty at different gift stores and counters at Hollywood Studios for about $15, or you can buy it full of Mystic Portal Punch at Woody’s Lunch Box for just over $16. It’s really cute and features the Toy Story Land logo on the top of the lid.

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Green Alien Man popcorn bucket

This fun popcorn bucket was sold on Toy Story Land’s Opening Day at Hollywood Studios. It is the likeness of a Green Alien Man in the form of a bucket that holds popcorn. The bucket is even fastened to a lanyard so you can wear it around the park! The buckets sold out on Opening Day before late afternoon at Hollywood Studios, and we’re not sure whether there will be more offered or not. Around 5:00 p.m. on Opening Day at Toy Story Land, Cast Member team leaders said there were none left even in reserves. The buckets were selling for about $20 in the park, but you can find them on eBay now for over $100!

2. Toy Story Land T-shirt

One of the most popular souvenirs from Toy Story Land is a red t-shirt sold in the parks that features Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Slinky, the Green Alien Men and Rex. The Toy Story Land logo is also featured in the center of the shirt, and the words “Opening Summer 2018” are screen-printed under the logo. The Hollywood Studios logo is screen-printed on the left sleeve in black. This t-shirt sells for about $28 in the parks, but you can find it at as well—and sometimes at a discount!

1. Toy Story Land MagicBands

Before you visit Toy Story Land, you can visit and purchase a new Toy Story Land MagicBand. One of the bands has an aqua background and features the Toy Story Land logo and the words “Walt Disney World,” as well as cartoonish drawings of the new land. Another band sold has a blue background and features Slinky Dog and his many coils, as well as the Toy Story Land logo. These bands sell for between $23 and $28.

Look for all of these fun new Toy Story Land souvenirs when you visit—and keep your eyes open for others as well! We love all the souvenirs Disney created in celebration of this amazing new land! How many of them did you pick up when you visited? And which ones are you hoping to score when you visit next?

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