8 Things You Must Know About Disney’s Refillable Mugs

Christy Caby
Have you heard about Disney’s refillable mugs? The program has changed a lot over the years from the offerings, the price, the look and feel of the mugs, the technology, etc. Disney is no stranger to innovation and they even brought that to the refillable mugs where their Rapid Fill system controls and meters drink selections utilizing RFID bar codes. This allows their systems to control the dates the mugs are active. It is a pretty neat system, but there are definitely things you should know about it before making the decision to purchase and use your mugs. I put together these 8 points to help you understand how the mugs work and if they would work for you.


1. How it Works –

The refillable mugs are purchased/redeemed at the quick service location at each Disney resort. There are multiple colors to choose from. The cast member will activate the mug and then you are able to use it at the Rapid Fill location, which is also usually located in the quick service location, or in some cases the resort gift shop. You hold your cup under your drink selection of choice and it will fill up the cup. You will want to make sure your cup is positioned properly, but fortunately the machine will tell you if you if it isn’t.

2. The Cost –

The cost is one flat price of $17.99 for the length of resort stay no matter how many days.

3. Part of Disney Dining Plans –

The refillable mugs are part of Disney Dining plans. Each member of the party on the dining plan (kids under 3 wouldn’t apply since they aren’t on the dining plan) receives a mug with Rapid Fill. You still go to the quick service location at your resort to receive your mug. You will pick your mug of choice and the cast member will redeem this from your dining plan.

4. Use at Any Resort –

You can use the Rapid Fill locations at any resort. So if you are resort hopping, you would be able to use your cup where you visit. Just remember that there are NO locations in the theme parks, Disney Springs or the waterparks. This is only a resort feature.

5. Rapid Fill Stations –

The Rapid Fill stations are generally found in the resort quick service location. In some resorts this can be a trek depending on where your room is located, so you will want to plan ahead. In certain cases, like at Kidani Village, the Rapid Fill location is in the gift shop. This location doesn’t have its own quick service location, so the station is in the gift shop. This means that they have fewer options available, as well.


6. Time Limits –

There is a two minute time limit between refills. So if you are someone who guzzles down your beverage, you will want to try to stretch your chugging to last two minutes since the system will force you to wait.

7. Available Beverage Options –

There is a pretty nice selection of beverage options available with the refillable mug. Your options include coffee, tea (iced or hot), Coke products, Hi-C, Minute Maid and Powerade. These offerings do vary depending on the location so you may see locations that have part or all of these. The Coke products could include Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Cherry, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Barq’s Root Beer and Fanta.

8. Anyone Can Purchase –

You don’t have to be staying at the resort to purchase a mug. Anyone can purchase, with the same price as shown above. If you are visiting someone who is a Disney resort guest and/or want the insulated mug as a souvenir or keepsake, this may be a good option for you. This is especially helpful if you are visiting a Disney resort guest for fun at the pool!

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